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Word of warning

If you're like me, you get out of the habit of saving often like in most other computer games, since as far as I can tell it's impossible to die in this one.

Well, that just came back and bit me. Game crashed on me with some error about being unable to start a dialogue when I tried to talk to someone and I lost about 90 minutes of play.

Save early, save often!
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I never had any crashing problems though.

I did forgot to save this one time and I exited the game with alt+f4.
It wasn't a very smart move...

Nice game though
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OMG! I played a hour and 30+ minutes into the game & got to the part where I was pulling Kim out of the wrecked plane. *Cue Music of impending doom* My game crash with 111 error. I wish I could put that picture here. I was so angry, because of all that time wasted. Then I though to myself the game probably autosaves. I checked the load game & I was heartbroken. No save file existed. I wanted to cry. I love this game. It's a mix of Indiana Jones with MacGyver. I would have never figured out to wet the leather strap in the mountains if it was not for youtube.
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