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Control Response issue

This is an incredibly minor thing, but I didn't see a general bug/issue thread here, so I'll just post this.

After respawning, the controls, specifically the "Zeus" button, mouse 1, and the "fly" key, W, are non-responsive for about a full second and a half. It took me a while to notice this, but after spawning at a checkpoint in front of a pit and dying several times, the delay in response was made apparent.

Like I said, a minor issue, but an issue nonetheless.

I'm at the Dry Swamp level, and so far I'm loving this game. Always a big fan of this genre. Great work overall!

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I've noticed the same thing, and I hesitate to call it 'minor' because it's cost me health points on a number of occasions. It's a pointless, stupid design decision.

I've just reached the boss of Dry Swamp, and I'm not going to bother going any further. It's a beautiful game, but I feel like I'm fighting the controls.
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Yea I had the same issue and started to notice it about the same spot cause of the pit you keep falling in after spawning due to not being able to jump.

That spawn issue is kinda annoying but overall so far seems like a neat game.
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