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Voices run fine, scenes run slow

I don't know if this is due to the fixed framerate or limitations of my own system (a laptop), but I'd like anyone's insight on this.

In cutscenes, the voices run at normal speeds, but the mouth movement and body language (well, really everything graphics-side) is at up to half-pace with them. Because the speech is staggered so that every couple of lines plays at a time, I end up with scenes like...

Kit: "Erm, could you tell me what's over there?" *mouth keeps moving, then points*

D00d: "Oh, that's the combine harvester. It's a mean brute," *camera finally zooms over to the harvester* "but it's hella dumb."

Kit: "Well, that doesn't sound like a problem for me!" *starts looking back and talking after the "Well," few more second until the big grin*

It's serviceable, but damn if it doesn't hamper pacing.
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What's your system's specs?
I got an older machine (P4 at 3GHZ, 2.5 GIG of RAM, nVidia 8400 GS with 512 MB onboard, Windows XP, - my system is around 7 years old now), and this game runs quite well for me with no lagging and voices are all in sync.

Tried adjusting some of the graphic and sound settings? Tried a different resolution? Disable other programs you may have running in the background before playing the game?
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Tried getting system specs through Steam; that just froze it up. My lappy has been on overnight as of this post, though, so that's undoubtedly taxing. I also have iTunes down in the task bar, but it hasn't been on since before Sleep mode, so it's just dead weight, however much resources it's taking. Also had Opera (web browser) goin'.

The only graphics setting I've changed is turning shadows off; dunno how much that did for it. I definitely know I have to have this sucker plugged in; game ran like constipation on battery.

The cutscene that led to getting around to such a post came after a couple hours (at least over one) of playing, but then the short on afterwards ran pretty well. *shrugs*

Let's see... Toshiba Satellite L505D, AMD Athlon II Dual-Core M300 (2 GHz), AMD Mobility Radeon 4200 w/ latest AMD drivers (because Toshiba sucks at keeping them up-to-date), three Gigs of RAM (2.75 useable), Windows 7 32-bit. I have the game running in 1366x768 fullscreen.

EDIT: Would Folding@home affect the game much? Then there's Wakoopa, and Azureus Vuze is still seeding since nabbing a TAS video (still need to watch it, actually).
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I have this same problem, I'll come back later with my system specs and I have tried changing the graphics and it doesn't help at all.
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I have the same issue. I would like to have the voices match up with the scene. I heard some troubling news though. The fps cap rate is 30. This will chop up the game. I just hope they come out with a new patch that lets you go up to (at least) 60 fps.
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Same issue here (well, with the demo at least). I assumed it was just my machine, but now I'm not sure. I'd be happy to shell out $10 or whatever for the full game, but there's no point if it runs (to borrow from an above post) like constipation.
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