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Amazing Error

Hello everybody!

Something funny happened 2 days ago. I own the classic Gothic package which includes Gothic 1, Gothic 2 and Gothic 3. I played Gothic 2 and its expansion for several months without any flaws or errors. Now, a few days ago, the game simply wouldnt start at all. When I tried to start Gothic 1 or 2 (I noticed it with Gothic 2 first and decided to test other Steam games too) Steam actually told me I would be ingame but the game simply didnt start up. I could see the Gothic2.exe in the process list of the taskmanager so I shut it down via closing the .exe manually.

I am surprised. I heard of that error and read a few threads about it in this forum but it never really affected me until 2 days ago. There is absolutely no logical explanation WHY it occured. I didnt change anything nor have I modified any drivers in any way. Everything was still the same as the day before when it all was working just fine. I just installed Adobe Acrobat Reader and some other minor stuff like a Flash update so... Nothing serious really. I am running Windows 7, 32 bit version and it is fully updated. Other than that I use a ATI card, 5700 series. No problems with that either! It is just that the game wont start normally. I have to use the "fix" kindly provided by abebridges913 for Windows 7 64 bit systems.This confuses me... Has anyone got the slightest clue what may have caused this? And does deactivating the "rundll.exe" has got any impact on anything other than making Gothic 1 and 2 playable?

Thanks in advance!
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