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Not enough memory...

I recently bought this game, and sadly already regret this, as i should have read all the post about the problems with this game.

I have tried all the following "possible" solutions as stated in forums to fix the issues, but yet they still remain. Seems that the game suffers from a huge memory leak, and memory i am not short of 6gb wich is more than enough for almost every game on the market, take in consideration that, the first space shuttle launched into space had a max memory of 1 gb ram to manage all the systems on that amazing machine, and i would claim that the space shuttle is a way more complex machine than any game could ever be.

Upon further investigation of the game and it's issues, i found out that the game writes a cache in the windows temp library, containing a large number of files i various sizes, the largest i found was 1.6gb and there was 4 of them ... nothing i have put my machine through, has ever made such amount of cache files, no wonder i runs out of memory.

I "try" to run this game on a Core i7-920 cpu with 6gb ram and a AMD 6950 card and Win7 x64, but must say it is impossible as the game crashes constantly.

Here is what i tried in my quest to play the game without crashes:

1. Installed the game via steam ofcourse :-S (crash)
2. Renamed the Dx files as suggested in forum (crash)
3. Turned off the physics and lowered the textures (crash)
4. Launched the game in safemode (crash)
5. Uninstalled and reinstalled several times (crash)

Did i just waste my money on a faulty product ?????
seems i did, as i have yet to discover any official solution to get this product right ... and that is a shame, because i love the concept of the game and the way it is buildt compared to other RTS games.

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resurrecting an old thread sucks but since Order of War was just on sale for $2.50 a bet a lot of people bought it despite the problems.

I have found that if I quit the game after every mission and restart I haven't had many crashes because of memory problems except for a couple of missions that either had a lot of troops or took longer than most. With these I saved after every in-mission video. I bet it is a simple fix but with no hope of a patch to the rescue this late in the game's life. I think this should work for most people.

PS: This worked fine for the smaller missions, but on larger ones I found it necessary to low graphics first to medium and then to low. On low I rarely had a crash except after playing for an hour or more or if I save too often.

I recommend everyone to start playing the game on low graphics. There is very little difference in the graphic quality, almost unnoticeable. You will eventually have to do this on the later missions by which time you will get so used to saving often because of graphics memory crashes that you will then often crash because of memory errors while saving instead of crashes from graphics low memory.

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