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I like the demo... pre-purchased the game.

I hope the full game has some kind of traffic flow controls in it... too many traffic jams in the demo. Looking forward to tomorrow when I can d/l my pre-purchase.

I really liked Transport Tycoon and it really needed an update. Also, loved Locomotion, Railroads!, etc. High hopes for this one. No one seems interested in this genre any more. Not even Maxis!

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I had pre-ordered a while back because I love the genre, and I just played until the demo kicked me out Can't wait till it comes out tomorrow

I'm not sure if Cities in Motion covers cargo or just passengers, but if you get the itch to play something that has all of it, is free, and has a retro TT look to it... check out Simutrans.

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I'm going to try out the demo, but I have been a bit disappointed all these years about the smaller scale of the transport builders. Even the OpenTTD project has only made things much larger.
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