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A question about cheats.

Okay, so as with Chaser, I'm gonna be needing to cheat a tad bit to get through this game. I looked up the invincibility cheat and tried it, but it didn't work. Again, as with Chaser, does this version of the game disable the ability to use the invincibility cheat?
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I'm having cheat trouble too.

I got to this part in the mission Shuttle, where I need to use a computer in this building to open a gate. So I just go in, turn on bullet time + accuracy + zoom and pop the enemy in the head... problem is, apparently someone hears and sounds the alarm, I have no silent weapons and to my knowledge there are none to be found on bodies in the entire level. I tried sneaking in with the cloaking device and it works... until I'm done hacking and the cut scene happens, in which my character stands up and moves, causing sound, thus alerting the guard to shoot me. -_-

I looked it up and apparently this is a bug (or godawful programming) in which you pretty much have to cheat to get past.

I used a cheat code and got this message:

'@Cheat.GiveWeapon[Knife] == "No such field"'

... recommendations, other than asking for a refund on this game?


EDIT: Found it!

Don't forget the () at the end

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I did put the () at the end. I'm thinking it could just be for God Mode. The Steam version of Chaser has a similar issue where all cheats work except for God Mode.
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That level really should have some kind of warning about you needing to take a knife and some cloaking devices before starting the level.(Maybe it does and I just don't remember seeing it). I ran into the same problem with that guy in the building. You can't kill him without him sounding the alarm unless you are cloaked and have a knife.
I even tried to go back to every other person I had killed hoping to find a knife on somebodies body (or in some building), but there was none (again, they should at least put a knife somewhere in case you didn't bring one with you).
Eventually I did have to look up a cheat. I went with the Cheat.GiveKnife() cheat, and was finally able to beat that dumb level.
It did take me a few tries to get the cheat to work (same problem with the exact lettering).
I haven't tried the invincibility cheat, so I can't say whether that will work or not. I did notice that it didn't work in Chaser.
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Sorry to bump an old thread

I just installed this again after deleting it years ago and the game version is 1.5 now. Also they removed the god mode, the fly mode, and the invisibility mode. Aaaaarrgh oh well it was only a cheap game with bugs.
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