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Defense stats vs. health vs. attack

I never add weapon/magic defense when I have to add a point or two to my creatures. I think those options are way worse than attack/health choice. Here's why:

+2 attack gives you +1 damage against all enemies.
+1 health increases your maximum health as well as adds 1 to your current health. Useful for ranged units, that might be targeted by spells. Useful for units that are getting healed, as they get higher maximum health.
+2 weapon or magic defense gives you an ability to tank 1 extra point of damage, but only if the damage comes from a specific type of attack. Otherwise it's completely useless.

If your unit is a suicide bomber that's going to die in a turn or two, just increase attack to make more impact. If the unit is a hero unit that's getting healed, increase either attack for higher damage or health for better health pool. Increasing defense also doesn't do anything against spell damage.

In short, if you need damage, go for attack increase, if you need survivability and/or have a healer, go for health. Unless the enemy units all have the same attack type and you don't plan to get hit with spell damage, defense seems like a pointless choice.

Does anyone else feel the same, or maybe I'm missing something critical here?
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No, that's pretty much it.

If you have a unit who just killed a unit and took a castle and is dug in, and expect to be attacked by magic (or not magic) more than once, then 2 armor is the better deal than 1 life. Of course, if you have healers, that changes. Once the 1 health is gone, it's gone. The defense is there for all the battles of the rest of the game. If I just pumped Grimbark's health for the Epic Creature achievement, he'd have been pathetic, because my Devout isn't able to keep up with him, and then he'd die.
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hm I guess high defense helps if you got a limited healing ability, true
thanks for the input =)
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I spend most point to deffence.
Boosting attack power is easy.
just surround an enemy and get ally's support.
But boosting deffence power is not easy.
From tile you can get +0 to +4 , that is all.

If you increase deffence and make some solid deffence units,
you can use these solid deffence units to support attacker(and controll a tile).

Support = +3 attack power.

Until they die, they support main attacker so many times.

Increase deffence and make solid deffence units =
Indirectly damage-output boost via support.

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I really do not agree on defense being useless - It really depends on what units you're using, what the enemy is using, the type of mission, playstyle etc - It's definitly a situational thing, that I personally make a lot of use of at times:

When the enemy for instance is 'mostly' wielding physical attack, with just a bit (or no) magic attack around, increasing physical defense can be quite nice to take to ensure your units are getting damaged a way lot less, thus also increasing their chance again to actually 'win' a combat, and surviving it.

I prefer boosting Str especially on units that have both physical/magical attack given their specialty there, increase health on units especially that have synnergy with their health (Orcs' rage abilities etc) or units in the back that I don't want to have engaging in normal attacks a lot anyway (Cannons, miners etc). Defense on units that you really want to keep alive while being more at the frontlines (Often Guardians etc for me too).

If anything imho, this game really makes me think on how to distrubute those points with every single situation again, which to me personally is a good sign how balanced the options are.
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Like ppl above have said, it depends a lot on what kind of healing you have, but on some maps you have to mass attack/health simply because the time restraint is so harsh.
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