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Ending... (does contain spoilers, don't read if you're not finished)

So, well, it appears i have finished the game. But it felt somewhat short and cut off pretty rough at the end. :/ Are there alternate endings, for example like the passage when Richard is in prison and you can choose to get him out as Andy or Andrea? And does anyone have the text of Andy's message to the headquarters at the end?
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I've finished the game today and made a screenshot of the text at the end because it was too fast to read.


And yes, you're right. The ending was a bit diappointing.
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When Andy first meets Andrea at the airport and you are given the choice of playing as Andy or Andrea, I chose Andy and didn't get very far. All you have is a police ID card and you pick up a data disk and when you put it in the terminal it asks for a code which you get from the Police by phone. The phone in the street does not work and the chap behind the desk won't let you use his. The cabbie has no further info. There is nothing else you can do I'm afraid, unless I missed something its a deadend. Reloaded a save game and played as Andrea.
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Yeah, I was planning to replay that part just to see if the ending is different.

Because the current ending wasn't very satisfiying. I was all gung-ho for a final fight between Richard and NoName at least. Maybe a bit more back story on why NoName targeted Richard's family. But then it sorta fizzed out with him walking into the sunset. Though really cool climatic scene with Richard escaping from Endora.
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I played as Andy on my 1st time through and got the same ending.

I feel the same way, the story just kinda ends without going anywhere. Maybe there's a prequel or sequel coming? Or did most of the story got lost in translation??
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Exactly, it was meant to be two sequels from the beginning. At the moment, sequel is a bit uncertain given the low sale numbers.
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