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One of the few games

that I have ever played that has actually made me laugh out loud.

There are some moments in this game that are just down-right hilarious. I think using Cary Elwes (Robin Hood Men in Tights, Princess Bride) was the perfect choice for the Bard (After all, he has an English accent). I love how this game doesn't take itself seriously at all (even the ending displays that).

If you are looking for a great action, hard-core type of game, then this probably isn't what you are looking for, but if you want a fun game that will make you laugh on quite a few different occasions, then I highly recommend this game

By the way, this game is nothing like the original Bard Tale games if that is what you are thinking of using as a reference point.
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Heh ... that last bit cleared things up for me. I was thinking of the original RPGish game from way back when. I loved that game

You saying Cary Elwes with voice over was making me think I had gone insane!
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I rarely actually laugh out loud when playing a game, so when I was playing last night and actually did lol, my wife had to come in to see what was making me laugh. We sat together for about an hour and a half while I played the game both laughing extensively at times.

It's that sort of low brow humor that makes one chuckle out loud at times.

There are issues with the game that I would have loved to have seen added onto like being able to keep the camera auto centered behind the character instead of needing to constantly rotate the game screen with hot keys but overall, it's been a funny ride thus far.
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