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Necrovision Secrets Site

Please note that Greybeard and myself will not be continuing the Necrovision Secrets Site at


The Necrovision secrets videos have been transferred to Mediafire.com and can be downloaded from this link:


If you want to view other material on the site you have until April 2011.

We hope that you have found the site useful, informative and entertaining. We both enjoyed creating the content for the site.
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Thanks for putting the effort for putting this all together.
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Yea thanks and +rep for you.
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Thumbs up Just In Time

Guess I caught this just in time, I am currently loading Necrovision (also purchased LC too) and I am sure I'll need some help with the secrets, thanks for posting the information, it's helpful to so many.
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Btw, did anybody actually found every letter on every level ? Does this unlock some stuff ?
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