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Any chance of...

Oddworld being ported to the mac? I had Abe's Oddysee and Abe's Exoddus on my PSP through PlayStation network until my friend lost my memory stick. Anyway I would love to play these games again, I absolutely loved them.
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You do know that you can re-download your PSN purchases, don’t you? All you need is a new Memory Stick, of course, which you best get from your friend since they lost it.

It’s the icon next to the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner. The list is a pain to navigate but you should find the games eventually.
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You can try to run two first Oddworld games in an emulator like Wine (As far as I know there are packages for Macintosh) - The site says it's working good with it.

The normal 2 games propably won't be ported to mac, as most of source code is lost in time Maybe remakes.
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Stewart Gilray
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We are looking at possible Mac versions right now

Nothing confirmed, but we ARE looking into it.
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