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Red face Multi-player games

Does anyone have any suggestions on how we can run an online multi-player game of Iron warriors?

We have tried free software like Hamachi and it is so slow..... as in 1 FPM (Frame Per Minute!!) litterally! Is this normal for Hamachi?

We've only tried with 2 players so far but what seems strange is that we did the 1st 2 missions and it was ok-ish but then it got unplayable. Also, if i host the game my mate can join (but we have the slow problem still) but if he hosts it wont let me join and just sits waiting to join for before timing out.

Any suggestions would be great because i have yet to find a decent multiplayer Tank Sim and when we had this working it was ace fun doing the Co-op missions.

Thanks, Chip
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Blue Lightning
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Hey Chip, I dont know about Iron Warriors multiplayer, but I can tell you that Red Orchestra/Darkest Hour is the best tank sim out there. I play it everyday. A lot of people do.

Of course the tanks are WWII and not modren.
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Thanks mate I'll give it a go. To be honest, i prefer WW2 tanks anyway.
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