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Well, I just broke 17M in survival. mode..

... so for those that say the mouse and keyboard controls are impossible to use in this game, think again. They just take a bit of getting used to.

I've been trying forever to get at least 5 million points, and just went on a great run today.

The game was really frustrating in the beginning (survival mode). Steep learning curve... takes a while to get the hang of it. But very addictive!

It's still annoying to run out of particles after escaping and killing most of the hard-to-kill ships coming after you, only to have them ram you in the end. There goes one life...

Also, it's VERY vexing when you can't see incoming fire or another ship spawning right on top of you because your particles obscure everything. I would have liked to have the particles be translucent in that situation.

There may be a glitch in the giant yellow ship that splits into two smaller ones. When in full form, sometimes it turns and rams waaay to quickly.

Oh, and I really don't like the fact that the whole map isn't visible. We should at least have the option to zoom in or out. I, for one, prefer to see the whole map so that when I move to the top of the map and need to quickly escape back down, I won't run into enemy fire. The way it is now, there is just no way to foresee and evade an enemy when moving vertically since the screen follows the ship.

There are a few other little shooting tips that really help. As was mentioned earlier on this board, slowly moving backwards away from incoming enemies will increase the damage. Increased damage is also apparent when going full speed into mines and other smaller craft (like the blue shooters).

Moving backwards while moving around an enemy and swinging the particles at them works wonders for hard-to kill enemies such as the big red laser ship.

Directing the particles slightly at the wall while retreating also increases damage. It concentrates the particles into a smaller space.

Quickly swinging the mouse back and forth also increases damage by concentrating the particles. The only drawback is that once the enemy is destroyed, the particles may scatter due to the swinging motion if you don't stop.

One thing you can do is to lower the sensitivity of the mouse. I find that it helps a lot with aiming.


P.S. - I hate the stationary red lasers. Especially when they respawn right after after I went to the trouble of destroying them.

P.P.S. - Has anyone ever gotten 1.5 million with all lives intact, only to have six stationary red lasers appear? Oh, that jarateed me off...

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