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Angry Plague Marines: Why are they so expensive?

So, why are Plague Marines so expensive? They're the base AT (Meaning they don't require any upgrades to be an AT squad) unit for Chaos and usually the player only buys them because suddenly the enemy has a vechicle on the field. Their high cost is incredibly annoying and I don't see why they're so expensive.

They're rubbsh against other infantry and their Missile Launcher is usable/effective (By effective I mean, they do considerable damage) only against light vehicles. Sure they have a lot of HP which makes up for their crap damage output, but they really shouldn't cost 500 Req and 40 Power.
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General Frags
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They can take a lot of punishment that justifies their cost, its the same with the tabletop game too except they have blight grenades and can throw diseases at ppl and are better in CQC.
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Diabolic Tutor
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They are surprisingly useful against infantry. Their bolters have a DoT effect on infantry that stacks. Each bolter round that hits does 5 damage plus an additional .75 damage over 5 seconds.

Also having them melee infantry is devastating against swarmy units; they have a misly 6 damage per melee attack, but their death explosion they cause a lot of casualties, heal themselves, and heals any other units you may have around.

They really are incredible!

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The Tinker
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They're fat. Serioiusly, they are that one AT that's NOT SQUISHY. It may take ages to finish them off. I'd like them to have a bigger power cost with a lower req cost tho.
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