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Can I run it and angle of Attack..help please

Duplicate post in Operating systems forum:

I'm running a 5 yr old Dell XPS 600 w/dual-core Pent 2 3.0, 2 gigs ram, 2 Nvidia 7800 250mb boards in SLI. I was about to buy this cause I love the old school look of the graphics, and I'm an old space case myself, but then I took a look at the minimum requirments. Can this possibly be true? They're saying the minimum is a dual-core Pent 4 3.20! Looking at the game images I find that difficult to believe! After all I can run Starcraft 2 great! But of course games like Black Ops and Crysis 2 don't run well enough to get into, but all previous versions I have no problems with. Anyone care to tell me if they think I can run this? Please let me know! Thanx.
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Hi meekr!

The best thing for you do to see if it will run on your system is to download demos from Steam and try them. That way you are not out any money if they don't run well for you.


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