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Ender Bender
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Razer Mouse Dead!!!

I was working on getting 36 potatoes.

I had all but 1. I found out I needed the 1.2.3. Kickit score without using a Razer Mouse. So I go to the wiki and download a different "razerdetect.dll" file to play the game and get a different login screen.

I did this. Got all the potatoes.

Immediately after my mouse quit moving. I hate to think of this as a coincidence. Since it was working perfectly without 1 issue until this point where I tweak a razer mouse detect file in 123 kickit data files.

Razer: DeathAdder 3500.

Anybody else experiencing anything like this. I think I saw someone else mention something.
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I don't have one, so can't help you further then this, but...have you tried reinstalling any driver the razer mouse needs? The DLL replacement sounds like it would disable the mouse driver or something. If the razor came with an installer(I'm assuming it's not just a plug and play device), try reinstalling the drivers.
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