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Can someone explain the right click (F1) menu

I've been playing around with the right click menu and some things look like they can be edited, but when I click on them nothing happens. For example, in the Tweak menu, I go to HDR then Bloom then Scale... it looks like some sort of meter or setting is suppose to come up where I can change it... but nothing happens.

Alright I found out how to do it using the F1 menu... but nothing happens even then. I was still messing around with the bloom settings and thigns but nothing happens. I tried turning Screen spaced ambiant Occlusion on and off, but nothing happens... same goes for motion blur? Did they never put them in and just left the options there? Why do none of the graphical efects seem to be working?... unless they are working on an extremely small scale.

Is there something I have to turn on in a file somewhere in order to make it work?

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Some of the functions in that menu do not work to my knowledge, quite a few of options you can disable or enable are just place holders that never really got removed (or features that were never added). Most of the stuff on the Tweak and Render Effects menu doesn't work tbh, but I do know a few things like shadows can be adjusted from there.

Stuff like Motion blur can be disabled (enabled by default), but you'll need a script external to game. There are a few graphical mods I packaged with the mod FUEL: REFUELED, (they work without actually needing the mod itself) such as Disable Motion Blur and Disable Bloom etc.
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