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Free Babo game?

The game i am talking about is BaboViolent 2, which ofc is free, has a strong community not so much america atm but in europe yes, lots of clan matches between clans, experienced players that have played for upto nearly 5 years come October.

I've played BV2 since October 2006 and im still hooked, although the graphics kinda suck it makes up for this in other ways.

Everything you'll need and more you can find below.

european babo community - http://eurobabo.forumieren.eu/

See you on the babofield hopefully, your ability should be easily transferable to BV2 if you have played Babo Invasion i found that my skills were easily transferable to the xbox version of madballs when first released but unfortunatly i stopped playing because of a lack of players when waiting for people to join my room.

BV2 has lots and lots of servers atm but not as many people as i'd personally like to see playing this awesome game. I hope some of you become a part of the eu community and create more competition in time because at first you'll get Owned .

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