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Harvest Red: Manhattan -- Game ending bug. Cannot continue?

Sooo... I went through the little "cut scene" mission, One Week Later, and when we got on the MV-22 to go to FOB Manhattan, for some odd reason, a split second before the loading screen popped up, the screen went red, and the chopper crashed, but it went on to load Manhattan any way.

Now, every time I load up the Manhattan mission, whether I replay One Week Later without reproducing the bug, hit Restart, Continue, or Revert... ANYTHING... Manhattan loads up, and I'm in a chopper with a pilot on the radio saying, "ETA 3 MINUTES!" while my squad bleeds out, only to eventually get a debriefing about one of us dying...

I cannot find any way to "fix" this... Kind a bummed. Do I have to somehow delete my save file?

(P.S. I'm playing Harvest Red through Combined Operations if that is of any difference.)
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You can bypass the whole mission by using the console Shift+(Numpad) 0 to type endmission.

I don't know what effect that will have on evidence-collecting, however.
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