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Complete Terraria Newbie FAQ (spoilers) [1.0.4]

EDIT V1.0.5

How lovely, 1.0.5 and TF2's Uber Update in one day. Updated to cover the new alchemy system, and more erratas.

Also, you should really check out Terraria Online, the official site, as well as the Terraria Wiki for up-to-date informations.


Q: What is the goal of Terraria?
A: The "goal" of Terraria is to simply explore, build, and discover. There isn't any particular end point or final boss.

Q: How do I level my character up?
A: Terraria does not feature levels in the traditional sense. Your character grows stronger by collecting and equipping better weapons, armor and accessories. The only "stats" that can be increased manually and permanantly are your health and mana.

Q: How do I increase my HP and MP?
A: Health and Mana can be increased by consuming Life Crystals and Mana Crystals. To obtain a Life Crystal, explore the underground caves and look for large crystallized hearts, then smash them with a hammer. For Mana Crystals, collect Falling Stars that appear at night, and combine ten together to form a Mana Crystal.

Q: How are my items and characters saved?
A: Characters are saved independantly of worlds. When you enter a different world, your character's inventory and HP/MP is retained. Items stored in worlds such as chests will remain in that world until you return for them.

Q: How does multiplayer work?
A: In multiplayer, all players join a single world to play together. Characters are carried over from singleplayer. The host player's world is saved to his or her computer, and remains persistent throughout sessions. Any items collected or lost in multiplayer are retained/lost to that character in single-player. This allows you to trade and help other players, or work together to collect resources.


Q: I just began playing Terraria. What do I do?
A: The following is a basic checklist of important activities:

-Obtain a large amount of wood. Use an Axe on a Tree to chop it down for wood and Acorns. Planting an acorn on grass will grow a new tree.
-Build a shelter. Make a nice little home, and fill in the background with Stone Walls or Wood Walls made from a Workbench.
-Create a Workbench out of wood. Standing near a workbench allows you to make many new items.
-Explore and find any natural caverns. Alternatively, dig straight down until you hit a cavern.
-Kill Slimes for their Gels, to create torches. Combine gels and wood.
-Create a Wooden Hammer and Wooden/Copper Sword. Get lots of wood, and visit a Workbench.
-Explore the world and locate your Dungeon, Jungle, Deserts and Corruption. Trust me, you'll know when you find them.
-Collect ores to begin ascending the equipment tiers.
-Create houses for NPCs. See below.
-Obtain either Iron for an Anvil or the Merchant NPC to purchase one.

Q: What is with these background walls? How do I destroy them?
A: Background walls made of wood or stone can be crafted at a workbench, and when placed in a shelter, prevent enemies from spawning within. Dirt and Dungeon walls, however, don't keep baddies out. You can remove background walls of any type using a hammer, or high-yield explosives if you're desperate. When removing walls, you must destroy the "edges" (top or sides) of the wall first; you can't destroy the middle.

Q: How do I place a door?
A: Doors must be placed in a three-tile-high gap in a wall. If the door won't place, ensure you have a floor and ceiling, and that the hole you're placing it in is exactly three tiles.

Q: How can I expand my crafting abilities?
A: Crafting stations allow you to create better items when you stand next to them.

-Workbenchs made of wood are the basic crafting station.
-Furnaces from stone, wood and torches, which allow you to smelt ores and other such things.
-Anvils forged of Iron allow you to make metal tools and armor.
-The Alchemy Station is made by simply putting a bottle atop a Wooden Table or a Workbench, and grants potion-brewing capabilities.

There are also Demonic Altars which appear throughout the world and cannot be moved, as well as Hell Furnaces from the bowels of hell that are used for smelting suitably hellish materials. Finally, some recipes require Chains, which can be forged at an anvil from three iron bars.

Q: Can I move my spawn point?
A: Spawn points can be set by collecting Cobwebs, crafting them into Silk, then combining Silk and Wood to make a Bed. Right-clicking the bed will relocate your spawn. Make sure the Bed is in a safe location, namely a walled well-lit room, or you won't spawn there.

Q: I'm falling down all this useless crap! I need storage.
A: Chests can be made from Iron Bars and Wood, and allow you to keep items in relative safety. Chests can also be found in caverns and dungeons and such, and emptied/hammered/taken with you. You can also purchase Piggy Banks from the Merchant, which are locked to your character in multiplayer to keep others from looting your stash.

Q: I'm hurt and need health.
A: Look for mushrooms growing in grassy areas. They're the basic newbie healing item, and can later be turned into potions at an Alchemy Station. Glowing mushrooms appear underground and heal for more than normal 'shrooms, plus they can be combined with Lesser Healing Potions to create better potions.

Q: How do I make glass bottles for potions and the alchemy station?
A: Smelt 2 Sand at a furnace to form 1 Glass, then smelt 1 Glass to form 2 Bottles. The net result is two Sand for two Bottles.

Q: It's night time. What happens?
A: Zombies and Demon Eyes will begin to spawn, Falling Stars will land across the world, and everything becomes much darker.

Q: I was told of a Blood Moon. The sky is red. What gives?
A: Blood Moons occur naturally. During a Blood Moon, massive amounts of Zombies and Demon Eyes spawn, and the maximum number of on-screen enemies skyrockets. Additionally, all Zombies gain the ability to smash open doors. Have fun!

Q: I got myself killed. What are the death penalities?
A: The only downside to dying is the loss of roughly half or more of your money. You can return to your deathbed and recollect it, assuming it didn't fall into lava or something, but it's a good idea to keep your money in your home whenever possible.

Q: How does equipment work?
A: There are several types of equipment. Helmets, Chests and Leggings are your basic armor, and Accessories have many different effects. You can equip up to five accessories, so choose carefully. Additionally, there are three slots for Social items.

Q: What types of equipment are better than others?
A: The rough tier list of material is as such: Copper > Iron > Silver > Gold > Meteor > Shadow = Jungle = Necro > Molten. Additionally, every armor type has a unique set bonus, ranging from bonus defense on the base metals to more specialized effects on Meteor and higher.

Q: What are Social/Vanity items?
A: Your inventory comes with three Social slots: helmet, chest and leggings. You can equip armor or Vanity items to these slots to have them appear in place of your normal equipment. For example, if you have a full set of Iron Armor equipped in your normal armor slots, and you place a Bucket in your Social head slot, your character will appear to have a bucket on his head, but stat-wise will retain the defense of the iron helm.

Vanity items are basically items that grant no stat bonuses, and are only there to look nice.

Q: How can I get a Grappling Hook?
A: Underground, in the Stone layer, Skeletons appear. They have a rare chance to drop Hooks; you might have to kill two skeletons or two hundred, but eventually, you'll get one. Craft Chains out of Iron Bars, and then combine three Chains and a Hook for a Grappling Hook.

Q: How can I split my stacks of items up?
A: Right-clicking a stack of items picks them up one at a time. Holding down right-click speeds up the process.


Q: I'm in a forest. Tell me more.
A: Forests are the basic biome. Trees, Mushrooms, Slimes, Bunnies and Sunflowers spawn here.

Q: I found a big flat area with lots of sand.
A: This is a desert. Deserts contain Cacti, which are pointy and harmful but can be axed down, as well as one of the alchemy plants. Vultures and Antlions spawn here as well.

Q: I was exploring and found purple grass, and the sky turned dark and ugly things are attacking me.
A: This is the Corruption. It's recommended that you avoid it if you're just starting out. More on this later.

Q: There's this giant building made of colored bricks. What is it?
A: This is the Dungeon. Every world contains one, and you can't enter until you defeat Skeletron. If you try to enter anyway, you'll be instantly killed.

Q: There are pots everywhere?
A: Pots spawn randomly underground or in sheltered areas, and can be smashed for goodies such as money, ammo, health and bombs.

Q: I dug underground, and the background is all brown.
A: The dirt layer is your basic underground area. Red and Yellow Slimes spawn here, as does the occasional Giant Worm and Goldfish. For the most part it isn't too dangerous, provided you brought some mushrooms and don't jump off any cliffs blindly.

Q: Farther underground, and now the background is grey stone.
A: This is the stone layer, the second part of undergroundness. Tougher enemies begin spawning here, such as Skeletons, Black Slimes and Mother Slimes. You'll also find Cave Bats, Piranhas, and special rare enemies like Tim. This area can be especially dangerous if you don't have good armor and weapons (Silver-ish), so try to be careful.

Q: Even deeper down, I found this big cavern and OH GOD LAVA WHAT
A: Welcome to Hell, the third and final layer. Hell is filled with lava, as well as teleporting fire-balling Fire Imps and massive skeletal Bone Serpents, not to mention flying Demons, Hellbats, and Lava Slimes. It also contains quite a few chests, various goodies, the coveted Hellstone, and lots of Gold near the border between Stone and Hell. If you plan to come down here, you had better bring good equipment (Gold-Demonite at the least) and lots of health. Grappling hooks are required as well, to climb back out and avoid the lava seas.

Q: I found a goldfish. How do I get goldfish?
A: Goldfishes can be collected if and when another enemy kills them. Lure a Slime into a Goldfish to kill it, then pick up the dead fish. Goldfish can be eaten. Mmm, goldfish.

Q: I found a spiky brown thing that hurts me when I try to hammer it. What gives?
A: You've found a Demonic Altar. These weird-looking pedastals are immobile and harmless, but if you want to craft boss-summoning baits, you'll have to visit one.


Q: What are NPCs?
A: NPCs are characters such as the Guide, who appear to help you in various ways. There are seven NPCs in the current build of the game, and they will appear once you have an empty house and have met the individual requirements for each NPC.

Q: How do I build a house for the NPCs?
A: Houses need to fulfill a set of requirements to be considered a proper house. The step-by-step guide to making a house is as follows:

-Build the walls and roof. The room must be five tiles tall at the least, not counting the roof itself. Additionally, the room must not share a wall with any other house. You can circumvent this by building two-tile-thick walls seperating each house. Make sure the room is big enough to be considered a proper house as well.
-Fill in the house with background walls. Wooden walls are recommended, but stone walls work too. Make sure everything's covered up.
-Place a light source inside the room. A torch on the wall works fine, but you can also use candles and other such fancy items. You can make said fancy decorations with metals at an anvil.
-Place a Wooden Table and at least one Wooden Chair in the house.
-Place a Door in the house, in one of the walls.

Assuming you've done everything right, the game should treat your room as a house. The first house you build will be taken by the Guide, and any further houses by whichever NPCs appear. Seven houses in total are enough in the current build.

Q: Who are the NPCs, and how do I obtain them?
A: The following NPCs are avaliable in the current build:

-The Guide, who is present at the beginning of the game and provides advice when right-clicked. He'll take the first house you build.
-The Merchant, who buys and sells items for money. Once you have at least fifty Silver Coins, he will move into an empty house. The Merchant sells Anvils, and the very useful Mining Helmet.
-The Nurse will appear once you've found at least one Life Crystal and upgraded your maximum health. Right-clicking her will allow you to fully heal your wounds at the cost of roughly 2 silver for 400 hp (max).
-The Dyrad appears once you've defeated any boss. She sells Purification Powder and sunflowers for combating the Corruption.
-The Arms Dealer appears when you have found a firearm, and sells ammunition and lower-tier guns.
-The Demolitions Man (aka the demoman) appears when you have Dynamite. He sells Grenades, Bombs, and Dynamite.
-The Clothier (aka the Old Man) appears once Skeletron is defeated, and sells Vanity items.

Q: NPCs aren't moving in, even though I have houses and have met the requirements!
A: Ensure your houses are properly built. Additionally, make sure that the NPCs can actually reach the house's door. Finally, try waiting a bit. If all else fails, build a new house elsewhere and see if it works.

Q: How do NPCs work in multiplayer?
A: The requirements to attract NPCs are shared across all players. As long as one player has a gun, for example, the Arms Dealer will come. The money requirement for the Merchant is divided amongst all players; all the coins in the inventories of all players is combined, and the Merchant is summoned if the tally is at least 50 silver.


Q: What is the Corruption?
A: The Corruption is a sort of disease, eating away at the world. You'll know when you've found the Corruption when the sky turns dark and the ground becomes purple.

Q: What is inside the Corruption?
A: The following things can be found within the Corruption:

-Purple thorns that damage players but can be destroyed with any tool.
-Vile Mushrooms, used to make Vile Powder and then Worm Bait.
-Chasms, gigantic pits.
-Ebonstone, rock that is indestructable to everything but Dynamite and Demonite-tier picks or better.
-Demonic Altars.
-Chests, often inside the chasms.
-Shadow Orbs, the core of the corruption, deep within the chasms.
-Two unique enemies, the Eater of Souls and the Devourer.
-Deathweed, one of the six alchemy plants.

Q: What are Shadow Orbs?
A: Shadow Orbs are concentrations of evil energy that can be destroyed with a hammer or Dynamite. Destroying a Shadow Orb can have several effects, ranging from a Meteor dropping to a boss enemy being summoned. You also recieve a free mid-level item such as a Musket or Band of Regeneration.

Q: A meteor fell! What happened?
A: A meteor has fallen somewhere in your world. It can be anywhere; on your house, near the dungeon, in the corruption itself, on a floating island, in the middle of nowhere, etc. The meteor itself takes the form of a massive crater filled with glowing purple Meteorite Ore. You'll also be attacked by Meteor Heads if you venture near.

Q: What can I do with the meteorite?
A: Meteorite can be mined with Gold or better pickaxes, and forged into powerful equipment. The Meteorite itself is classified as a fire-type stone, and will hurt you when you touch it unless you've equipped an Obsidian Skull.

Q: How do I get rid of the Meteor Heads?
A: Meteor Heads spawn endlessly as long as enough Meteorite remains in the crater. It takes exactly fifty meteorite ores to spawn Meteor Heads; any less and they go away.

Q: What is the Dungeon?
A: The Dungeon is a massive tower-like construct that contains high-level enemies and treasures, guarded by Skeletron.

Q: I entered the Dungeon and died instantly?!
A: If you haven't defeated Skeletron, you'll be instantly killed if you try and enter during the day. At night, you'll be attacked by seven or eight Skeletron Heads at the same time. Have fun trying to do anything there, although it is possible to kill him with lots of potions and super-good armor.

Q: What exactly is inside the Dungeon?
A: Angry Bones, Dark Casters and Flaming Skulls run rampant within the Dungeon. High-level items such as the Muramasa and Blue Moon can be found in chests within, and Heart Crystals are often amongst the loot.

Q: What's with these spikes?
A: Spikes inside the dungeons can be destroyed with powerful enough Hammers and placed elsewhere, or dug around/grappled over.

Q: Can I take the bricks making up the dungeon?
A: Of course! You can collect bricks by mining/hammering them, like any other bricks.

Q: My friend's dungeon is green and pink, but mine is blue!
A: Dungeons come in all sorts of colors, randomized to the world. You can collect all sorts of different colored bricks and build a rainbow or something with your friends. The current available colors seem to be green, pink and blue, and the developers state there are to be twenty or so colors overall.

Q: What is the underground jungle?
A: A large section of the world is converted into a jungle in each world. The jungle is filled with Jungle Slimes and Jungle Bats on the surface, and Hornets and Man-Eaters below. Green glowy decor makes it pretty obvious when you've found it, as well as the sky turning greenish.

Q: How can I find the jungle?
A: As of 1.0.4, the Jungle extends all the ways to the surface. Explore a bit and look for weird plants and a green-tinted sky. Remember, digging down underground is a good way to find more danger and more goodies!

Q: What can I find inside the jungle?
A: As mentioned, Jungle Slimes, Cave Bats, Hornets and Man-Eaters appear within. There are shiny golden altars holding chests, often with jungle-exclusive look, and the enemies have a good chance of dropping very powerful items such as the Blade of Grass and Thorn Chakra, as well as the Ivy Whip, an upgraded Grappling Hook. You'll have to just keep killing them and hope you get the loot!

Q: What is the floating island?
A: Floating islands are exactly what they sound like; large floating masses of land. One world can have multiple islands.

Q: What can I find on the floating island?
A: In the current build, floating islands are barren for the most part. They contain a pregenerated house made of metal bricks, and the chest inside said house holds an ultra-rare item - the Balloon, Starfury or Horseshoe. The island often holds Gold and Silver Ores in it's dirt, but aside from that, there isn't much else of note. Harpies tend to spawn on islands, so be careful.

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Q: What are bosses?
A: Bosses are massive enemies that must be summoned in order to be killed. They typically have several thousand health, and unique drops. There are currently four bosses in Terraria: Skeletron, the Eye of Cthulu, the Eater of Worlds, and the King Slime.

Q: How do I summon the Eye of Cthulu?
A: At night, Demon Eyes appear across the world. Slay them, and they might drop a Lens. Once you have ten Lens, bring them to a Demon Altar to forge a Suspicious Eye. Finally, wait until nightfall (once the zombies appear) and consume the eye to wake the Eye of Cthulu.

Additionally, the Eye of Cthulu can spawn himself randomly if you have at least ten hearts and have yet to defeat him once. Once he goes down in your world, he'll stop appearing randomly.

Q: What restrictions are there on the Eye of Cthulu?
A: The Eye of Cthulu can ONLY be manually summoned at night. Summoning the Eye of Cthulu during the day WILL result in INSTANT DEATH, and you will lose your Suspicious Eye. The Eye of Cthulu can be summoned an infinite amount of times, and if you're fast enough to kill him you can battle him multiple times in one night, provided you have enough Suspicious Eyes.

The battle itself is timed, and if day breaks before the Eye of Cthulu is defeated, he will flee and you'll have to try again the next night. If you die during the battle, and you manually summoned him, the Eye will wait for you until daybreak, so you can return to finish him off if you're fast enough.

Q: What should I know about the Eye of Cthulu?
A: The Eye of Cthulu has 3000 HP, and is considered the easiest boss in the game. It's recommended that you bring a good bow and Flaming Arrows, or another powerful ranged weapon, as the Eye flies around eratically.

During the first phase of battle, the Eye follows a simple pattern. He will rush towards you three times, then float above you and call forth his Servants of Cthulu. Servants are smaller, weaker Demon Eyes that occasionally drop health/mana pickups and money. After calling forth five or six Servants, the Eye rushes into you three times again, and repeats the pattern.

When his health goes below 1500, the Eye transforms, and stops summoning Servants. He simply rushes you over and over at this point, and his attacks do much more damage. Keep hitting him until he's dead, and he'll drop Demonite Ores and a shower of money.

Q: I was fighting Skeletron/Eater of Worlds/whatever and the Eye of Cthulu showed up!
A: Since the Eye of Cthulu can summon himself randomly, it's entirely possible to find yourself fighting two bosses at once, even two Eyes. Be careful!

Q: How do I summon the Eater of Worlds?
A: The Eater of Worlds, like the Eye of Cthulu, requires a special item. Defeat Eater of Souls in the Corruption to collect Rotten Chunks, and make Vile Powder from the Vile Mushrooms in corrupted areas. Bring 20 Vile Powders and 15 Rotten Chunks to a Demonic Altar, and craft a Worm Bait.

Additionally, the Eater of Worlds may be awakened by breaking three Shadow Orbs in one world. Be careful.

Q: What restrictions are there on the Eater of Worlds?
A: The Eater of Worlds can ONLY be summoned on Corrupted areas. Summoning the Eater of Worlds when not directly inside Corrupted areas WILL result in INSTANT DEATH. Once summoned, however, you can lure him anywhere and battle him outside of the Corruption. The Eater of Worlds can be summoned an infinite amount of times, assuming you have Worm Bait.

Unlike the Eye of Cthulu, the Eater of Worlds can be summoned at any time during the day. The battle will the Eater of Worlds will continue until he's dead, and he'll track you down at your spawn point, so be ready to fight to the death.

Q: What should I know about the Eater of Worlds?
A: The Eater of Worlds is a burrowing enemy like the Giant Worms or Bone Serpents, made up of tens of Eater of Souls (EoS). Each EoS has 210 HP, whereas the head has 80 and the tail has 300, and whenever one dies, the Eater splits into two smaller Eaters. A fast, multi-hitting weapon such as the Muramasa, Blue Moon or Jester's Arrows is practically required to finish this fight alive.

The Eater has no battle patterns; he simply attacks like a standard burrowing enemy. The only thing to note about this fight is that the goal is not to deal a set amount of damage, but to kill each and every EoS. Every individual EoS drops money and Shadow Scales upon death, and the last kill produces a "Eater of Worlds was defeated!" message and the typical spray of money.

Q: How do I summon Skeletron?
A: Skeletron can be summoned simply by talking to the Old Man outside the Dungeon at night.

Q: What restrictions are there on Skeletron?
A: Skeletron is unique amongst bosses in that he can only be battled once per world. Additionally, he will flee at daybreak like the Eye of Cthulu. Most importantly, if you die at any point during the fight, he will flee, and you'll have to try again the next night. Potions are crucial for this reason.

Q: What should I know about Skeletron?
A: Skeletron has a whopping 5000 HP. He has his head and two arms, each with 800 HP, and attacks by swinging his arms and then using a head spin attack. A ranged weapon makes this fight much easier, and piercing weapons can make it easier to hit the head through the hands.

The head spin is the most important thing to avoid. When used, his head will spin rapidly, and float towards you. If you get hit by it, you'll be knocked around, and it's EXTREMELY easy to be instantly killed when you get trapped inside the head and hit over and over and over before you can heal. If you've having trouble with the head spin, try digging a long, flat battle platform near the Temple and running along the ground to avoid it. Hermes Boots, Necro Armor and Anklet of Wings all make this much more bearable.

The goal of the fight is to kill the Head; the hands are just there to be annoying. Once the head dies, Skeletron is permanantly killed, the Dungeon becomes open for exploring without hassle, and you get money as usual.

Q: How do I summon the King Slime?
A: The King Slime cannot be summoned. He appears whenever he feels like it, day or night, surface or underground.

Q: What should I know about the King Slime?
A: The King Slime is a mini-boss that appears randomly. He seems to target an individual player on the server, and will despawn if that player leaves or dies. There is no known way of forcing the King Slime to appear.

Despite his fancy name, the King is simply a very large Blue Slime. He battles the same way as any other Slime in the game, and the only things setting him apart from his smaller brethren are his size and the fact that he spawns other Slimes as he takes damage. As such, he's fairly easy to defeat, even for a lowbie.

When defeated, the King will drop a piece of Ninja Gear. He has an equal 33.33% chance of dropping the Ninja Hood, Shirt, or Pants. Ninja Gear is a set of Vanity items with no special effect on stats, but it certainly looks cool, which is good enough.

Q: I was battling a boss and suddenly a Falling Star hit him and he exploded!
A: The proper response in this situation is "SUCK IT, BOSS." That said, this may or may not be an unintentional glitch, and the developers may remove this feature in the future.


Q: What is Alchemy?
A: Alchemy is a new feature introduced in the 1.0.5 patch. Using Alchemy, you can mix new potions with a variety of effects, ranging from combat buffs to night vision to water walking to gravity control.

Q: What do I need to create alchemy potions?
All alchemy potions require a Bottled Water (stand in water, craft bottle) and at least one type of Alchemy Plant. Most potions also require additional materials. Finally, an Alchemy Station is obviously needed.

Non-herb materials include: Lens, Rotten Chunks, Corals, Cacti, Feathers, Shark Fins, Iron and Gold Ores, Fallen Stars, Obsidian, and Normal and Glowing Mushrooms.

Q: What are Alchemy plants?
Alchemy plants, or herbs, refers to the six types of plant introduced alongside the alchemy potions. Each plant grows in a specific locale and has specific "blooming" requirements.

Q: How do I collect and grow alchemy plants?
Every alchemy plant grows through three phases. Newly-planted/spawned herbs are tiny infant plants, and after a time grow into mature plants. Once matured, they can be harvested; however, this is usually a bad thing. Under certain circumstances, herbs will enter a blossoming phase, either changing appearance or sparkling. Harvesting a blooming herb produces not only the herb, but seeds as well. Seeds can be planted either on the herb's natural growing block type, or in Clay Pots. Remember, if you grow plants in Clay Pots, you'll have to hammer the pots down to harvest the plants.

The six herbs and their conditions are as follows:

-Dayblooms are pleasant yellow flowers that grow on plain grass, making them abundant in most worlds. As the name suggests, they bloom during the day; simply cutting them down when the sun is up is enough to get seeds. Dayblooms are used in seven potions (Archery, Featherfall, Hunter, Ironskin, Mana Regen, Night Owl and Shine).

-Blinkroots, greyish moldy-looking plants, spawn underground in natural caverns. Finding them is relatively easy, especially when they bloom and light up. Blinkroots don't have a blooming condition; they simply light up whenever they're ready to be cut down for seeds. Blinkroots are needed for seven potions (Featherfall, Gravitation, Hunter, Invisibility, Night Owl, Spelunker and Swiftness).

-Moonglows are similar yet different compared to Dayblooms; they grow on Jungle Grass, and only bloom during the night. These droopy blue flowers are used for four potions (Invisibility, Magic Power, Mana Regen and Spelunker).

-Deathweeds are a complete pain to harvest. They only grow in the Corruption, atop Ebonstone or Corrupted Grass. This wouldn't be so bad, except that they only bloom during Blood Moons. If you want to get Deathweed seeds, you'll have to take the plunge. Deathweed is an ingredient in four potions (Magic Power, Battle, Thorns and Gravitation).

-Waterleaves, ironically enough, grow in desert sands. These tiny blue herbs need water to bloom, so grab a bucket. Luckily, they bloom as soon as they come in contact with water. Waterleaf is needed for three potions (Obsidian Skin, Gills, and Water Walking).

-Fireblossom is arguably the most dangerous to obtain. Fireblossoms only grow on Ash blocks, and require proximity to Lava to bloom. You'll have to go adventuring into the bowls of hell to obtain them. Luckily, they're only called for in two potions (Gravitation and Obsidian Skin).

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random question though. Can you jump DOWN platforms? I haven't tried it yet. :V
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Originally Posted by zombiezephyr View Post

random question though. Can you jump DOWN platforms? I haven't tried it yet. :V
While standing on a platform hold S (down).
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Best FAQ I've seen so far for Terraria, good work!
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Should be sticky for sheer usefulness!
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Amazing. + rep
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This is a great thread, but some of the things in the faq haven't worked for me. Beds don't seem to be working (right-clicking on them doesn't do anything, and then I spawn at the first spawn point upon death), and also I can't break background dirt walls with a hammer (doesn't do anything). This is on a multiplayer game I'm hosting with my friend, and he's having the same issues.
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yea, we need a stickied FAQ!

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Great FAQ for beginners, should be stickied
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Very nice guide +rep

I have a question that I feel would be appropriate here. Is there a way to make stacks of items quicker? As in not having to click 250 times. Sure I saw in a lets play someone do it and I've tried all the random shift+click etc but just can't find out what it is.
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Originally Posted by careface312 View Post
Very nice guide +rep

I have a question that I feel would be appropriate here. Is there a way to make stacks of items quicker? As in not having to click 250 times. Sure I saw in a lets play someone do it and I've tried all the random shift+click etc but just can't find out what it is.
Did you try right-clicking? I'm honestly not sure.

Also thanks to all the sticky requests~
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Helped me a bunch. Thanks a ton OP.
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is this game going to be on mac?
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Oh man, thank you so much OP.

Mods, sticky this!
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