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my opinion on brink, & what fixed performance for me / possible unlocking fps

ok so let me first begin by saying i haven't even played this game online yet against real players & im even still thoroughly enjoying it

it reminds me of if the art style of team fortress 2 met the game play of ET: quake wars, with the parkour of mirrors edge, & the customization of black ops, a nice mix indeed & it all works well.

im particularly fond of the character design & the whole general concept, though it could do with some more overall content, such as perhaps a more solid storyline (which isnt completely necessary however being a multiplayer focused game, i did like how it sortof jumped right into it & just kept things short & to the point, but it could do with some more or larger maps perhaps.

im also very much enjoying the team play of the whole thing, how you cant really just lone wolf run & gun only, you need to receive support from & give support to your team mates in order to succeed.

some things i think it could do with being looked at / improved upon / added; again, more / bigger maps, additional weapons / custom character outfit pieces (dlc), the ability to use some more items from the opposite side, such as the same hairstyles / scars / makeup, stuff like that, though not uniform.
Overall performance increase, & getting rid of the strange minor case of mouse smoothing / accel behaviour, even when its been disabled.

at first i was iffy with my opinion on the game, but now im very much liking it indeed, great fun, addictive, i cant wait to get online & have a proper go with some human players.
i was particularly at first disappointed with performance overall, however since then it seems to have improved with patches / cvars / etc, some of which i will now state in case it happens to help anyone else;

believe it or not, after adding the following to my autoexec.cfg, one or more of these actually gave me a huge performance increase, it went from clunky slide show or pics to next to smooth as silk game play. not sure which ones exactly did it, & sorry for the mess. hope that maybe this might help someone else.

set com_unlockFPS "1"
set com_unlock_maxFPS "400"
set r_unlockFPS "1"
set r_unlock_maxFPS "400"
seta com_unlockFPS "1"
seta com_unlock_maxFPS "400"
seta r_unlockFPS "1"
seta r_unlock_maxFPS "400"

onviously also turn off ambient occlusion as it halves fps if not more, try lowering or disabling shadows, & not enabling vsync, nor AA.

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