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JoWood goes bust. :(


JoWooD - Game Over

Several sources report that JoWooD's insolvency process is moving forward, unfortunately not in the desired direction.
Negotiations with possible investors, and with them the intended restructuring plan, have failed.
JoWooD pulls back the application to pursue a restructuring plan.
Thereby the insolvency with a planned restructuring becomes an insolvency without a positive continuation prognosis.
This means the liquidation proceedings will start shortly.
The daughter company JoWooD Distribution Services GmbH files for insolvency on April 21st 2011.
Trading of the JoWooD shares at the Vienna Stock Exchange has been suspended.
Bad news. My thoughts are with the employees and their families. I liked the games the company published as well. It's sad to see them go.
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Gothic Complete Pack was on special a while back.

Checked for DRM, found Gothic 4 infested in it.

Did not buy.
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Damn, thank God they re-released Chaser before this disaster. I know others had their wish lists for JoWood games they where hoping would get re-relesed. If either EA or Activison especially buy their IP's we will never see them again.
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Sad to hear. They have pretty good ip like Painkiller, The Guild and those Tycoon games.

Wish someone other than Activision and EA would buy them. Paradox Interactive would be excellent.
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I guess this means I won't ever get a patch that fixes the horrid performance of Arcania.
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I liked stuff from JoWood. Someone said they recently put all their money into one game, it never went to market, and they couldn't make payroll. idk, if that's true. If one title sank them, they took a huge risk.
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I have a couple JoWood games and while they're okay they weren't really worth writing home about you know? I got my enjoyment out of them but I still am slightly irritated at the studio for how the handled Spellforce for example. We've been waiting for the final expansion Faith and Destiny on Steam for so long now. It's real disappointing because I don't think we'll ever see it now.

Last game I bought published by them was Painkiller Redemption and too be honest eggtooth was a bit of a jerk on the forums. He couldn't take any negative criticism and basically threatened to just stop updating the game with fixes. I didn't find that very nice...and it wasn't even directed at me.

What will happen to their games on steam? Expect dirt cheap prices lol. Don't know what else to say. Don't expect a single bug fix though. Unless a community member does it.

Next on the chopping block : Kalypso

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