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Line tool please!!

Ok this game is a lot of fun but if your hands are shaky and/or your mouse isn't high DPI (like me, I have an ergonomic non-gaming mouse due to wrist issues) it's frustrating. Maybe I missed it but there is no line tool or anything like that right? I guess that isn't so much "doodling" as "MS Paint" but it will make the game a lot more fun for people like me. Consider it an accessibility feature. A toggle in the options or a button you can click to toggle line mode on/off for those of us with shaky-hand syndrome

If you did that I would buy the game

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Spyn Doctor
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Thanks for the suggestion. I'll consider it for a future update.

Have you tried drawing while zoomed in (mouse wheel)? Maybe that makes it easier for you to draw the lines? They don't have to be perfectly straight for the bugs to jump along, after all...

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