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What the Developers Are Working On

Hi all,

As per a forum suggestion we're creating this thread to let you know what we're currently working on and what's just around the corner for Dino D-Day.

Content Updates:

  • Survival Mode - The next really major update to Dino D-Day will be the addition of a Survival Mode. There is no set release date for this yet though as there is a lot of work to do between now and then. When we ship Survival Mode we hope to do another big promotion to coincide with it.
  • New map - Sometime between now and survival mode it would be great to ship a new map. No set timetable on this yet.
  • Other content - Stuff like new guns for alternate loadouts, alternate dinosaurs for dino classes, etc. is also in the mix but no definite plans as of yet. It all depends on time and money of course.

Things we want to do in the future:

  • Singleplayer Campaign - Many are interested in this, including us.

Other Updates:
  • Linux Dedicated Servers - This has been discussed on a couple of occasions with Valve but no news to report as of yet.

Sales and Promotions:
  • Nothing official as of yet but we are discussing a number of things with a few different parties. We'll report here when we know something for sure.

Thanks for playing everyone. Hopefully this gives you a better idea of what we're working on. We realize that player count is currently very low and that this is very frustrating. The sales and promotions will help this of course in the short term.

In the long term though, as we ship new updates and game modes, we hope the appeal of Dino D-Day can be broadened. With Dino D-Day we've (perhaps unwisely!) put a game out that directly competes with far bigger games, with far bigger staffs and far bigger marketing budgets.

Success for Dino D-Day was always going to be a long-term effort and we're committed to that. As long as we can pay rent and keep food on the table we'll keep sending out patches, keep working on bigger updates, and keep trying to establish a bigger, more stable community!

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