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Deus Ex ran on the Unreal engine, so i guess it was Epic who thought ahead at the time.
Something they never did again.
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To fix the pink tint glitch, change your shader quality to medium or low

EDIT: Phail I never saw that you fixed it :P
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Originally Posted by jadotben View Post
Quit game and go to:
Just change the values to:
<Screen Width="1680" Height="1050" FullScreen="true" Vsync="true" />
I tried doing that on my cfg files, but oddly it does not effect the game at all, everythiung including resolution, I can't change anything from the "Default_settings" cfg file. Does anyone have a proper diagnosis or solution to this, as I cannot figure it out and have yet to find anyone else who has.
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what about us steam users?
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That's weird, Penumbra worked on 1680x1050 out of the box for me.
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