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DETOUR Players! Post your Steam IDs!

Ok its a boring title, I know, I was going to go with something like "The Detour hookup thread" but it just sounded a little weird

...anyway, Zag mentioned an interesting idea, a thread where us players can all post our steam names (that's how I interpreted it anyway) so we can get invite each other to play, and we can get some MP games rolling.

I'll go first:
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Approved. Stickied. Post your IDs here to find other DETOUR players!


Can't guarantee I'll be available, and I don't know how many people I can have on Steam, but you can add me.

- Geoff
Design Director
Sandswept Studios

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RKSand - Glad to play anyone.

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complx-, don't know if you can add me directly for some reason so just do a search.
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