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It's the best adventure game I have played. The solutions to the puzzles are never completely bizarre or ridiculously simple. Just right for a casual gaming experience.
be warned the graphics are pretty bad

story is very good if you like sci.fi and although the characters are graphically challenged :-P the backgrounds are stunning works of art on their own. The music is worth mentioning too.

IMO this journey is much better then that second dreamfall crap
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Definitely one of the best - if not the best adventure game I've ever played. It is thoughtful and beautiful and clever. The characters are perfect, the world has a sense of scale, and the puzzles are interesting.

I'd say the top spot is a toss-up between The Longest Journey and Grim Fandango, for me. Both are wonderful because they do some wonderful things stylistically, but I think I'd go for Longest Journey. I think GF had a higher production value but something about TLJ tugs at the heart strings in a way that years later I still feel very sentimental about the title.

I should replay it, it's been a long while.
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