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Originally Posted by celozzip View Post
maybe too easy is the wrong wording, but i havent found it particularly 'challenging' really, its just like filling in a form, you just work your way through it ticking the boxes...

i don't play games online till i finish the single player, but i'm sure you're much better than me if that makes you feel better
I think you're trying to say that you find the game 'uninteresting'. Fair enough, that's your opinion, but to suggest it isn't challenging would be wrong too. Unless you're a one of a kind strategy genius who is genuinely unchallenged by this game and can achieve victory with ease. Then I would say kudos to that.
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well i've had to play some of the missions a couple of times but the times i've messed up it's been some stupid mistake like just now i thought i won coz i killed their last man, but to kill him i let him into the green zone - it didnt even occur to me i'm not supposed to until it said LOSS and i was like FFFFUUUU!!! what a waste of time, oh well... it's definitely addictive though and not uninteresting at all.

this game is just trial and error really, nothing wrong with that - it's no different than saving before a difficult bit in any other game then repeating it over and over, i do that a lot in shooters coz i'm rubbish. you can see how i might call that unchallenging though?
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I follow what you're saying, but unchallenging still isn't an appropriate word for what you are describing. Something which lacks challenge would be something you can achieve success in without much effort. Things don't have to be overly complicated to be considered challenging. Obviously the game is challenging you if you are making mistakes. And mistakes almost always look painfully obvious after you realize you've made them.

Anyways, if you're looking for a real challenge, I suggest you get some multiplayer games going. There's no way to retry the missions there. You'll win some and you'll lose some. Have fun.
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Originally Posted by Warskullx View Post
The single player campaign isn't 'fair.' You are very often put in a situation with a disadvantage. They seem to be using it to teach you by placing you in certain situations and having you use trial and error.
Oh, it's not a complaint. Just an observation that you're ALWAYS at a disadvantage, whether in terms of numbers or equipment. I did beat the mission in the end, though I've long abandoned the idea that I have to keep all of my guys alive (as I did in Rainbow Six).
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Originally Posted by celozzip View Post
i've found it too easy actually, i was hoping for something with more depth like the videos of subversion (http://www.youtube.com/user/IVSoftware) but this game is just about moving and shooting, no hacking or hostage taking, it'll do until subversion is released though (if that ever happens)
You may accuse it of lacking depth, this is on its own not nessecarily a bad thing, Subversion and Frozen Synapse basically only have one thing in common, it's art-style, and even that is vastly different on key areas if you look into it.

As for being easy, that's not really an easy thing to say, multiplayer has a dynamic difficulty level based on the opponents you meet, consider it similar to stating that Chess is easy, while it may be easy to learn, you will definitely not be winning games against any good opponents.

As far as the singleplayer experience is concerned, i'm not saying it's easy, but it's random, which, while an impressive technological feat, is not entirely a good design, i do feel they've compensated a bit for it, so it's not that bad.

For example the first level when you get introduced to tripwires the randomly generated landscape and positions had all but 2(which i suspect were hardcoded to spawn at those positions) trapped inside tripwires.

Yep that's true, no enemy could get out of their rooms to even have a chance of getting Line of Sight on me, so that was extremely easy, or atleast could've been, but actually i lost it because the Bazooka guy could shoot at an angle i didn't think was possible, and since i totally ignored any kind of strategy i was actually wiped out in one shot.

Anyway on the next startup they had vastly improved positions also making the mission harder.

So what they really should've done is set some parameters for a balanced difficulty curve which could support several types of player, easy, normal, hard, etc. and then let you get these, still random experiences, but much more balanced random experiences.

You could of course also have a "random" mode which completely ignores difficulty setting, as it is by default now.

The game is absolutely easy to learn, but the various tactics can be hard to perfect.
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