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Bugreport - Crash on Firelings

I had one Oogini carrying the flute in his hand and picked him up with another one. The first one dropped the flute and when I switched to him later on, the text on the top right still said "play flute (s)" and when I pressed it, the game crashed.

Also the only way to continue the game seems to be to start the first level again, skip the intro and then select the chapter out of the menu. That's really really bad. How come no one noticed this? Has this game had a beta test at all?
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A note from the developer

So that everyone gets the news, I'm going to post this onto all of the threads reporting issues.

I appreciate you bringing these issues to light.

As an update, I would like to inform everyone that programmer we had assigned to Ancients of Ooga has quit and gone to another company before finishing the patch he was assigned to work on.

Sadly, this means that a patch will be even more delayed. I'm terribly sorry, and appreciate any understanding and patience you can offer.

Please know that we DO absolutely care about supporting this game, and everyone who has purchased it. We are an extremely small indie team and some of the issues are a bit larger than we had initially thought, but we will continue to drive toward resolving as many of these issues as we can as quickly as possible.
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