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Launcher Issues

Anyone else have an issue with the launcher not doing anything. I click Launch, but absolutely nothing happens and the green launch text goes away after 20 seconds.
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im having the exact same issue too
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I haven't had this issue but on the off chance it helps....
If it is just the initial "Launcher" and not the "Login" app then you can skip the Launcher altogether.

Found this info on the web (i.e. when I remember where I got it I'll credit the originator!).
I use it as it skips one step:

Locate the "GlobalAgenda.exe" file. Steam users will find it in the steam area under "steamapps\common\global agenda live\Binaries", non-steam users will find it wherever you installed Global Agenda to, under the "Binaries" directory.

Create a short-cut of this file somewhere (desktop, or wherever you like), then right-click on the short-cut file, go to "Properties". And in the "Target" line append (that means shove this at the end of the line!) and add the following (after the qendquote):

-host=inapatl.globalagendagame.com -seekfreeloading -tcp=300 -LANG=English

Double-click and no more annoying Launcher.
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no that doesnt work
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