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Unhappy Launching the game causes crazy flickering & I can't play it via Virtu

I understand that now I'm complaining on a pretty high level and the new patch really did fix almost everything that was wrong with the game, but I'm still having two issues that are preventing me from fully enjoying the game.

The first was introduced with the new patch and is probably related to the way it recognizes supported resolutions.

I have a dual monitor setup and upon launch IG:W starts almost seizure inducing flickering on both of them for several seconds. Since I haven't seen this kind of "resolution detection" in a loooong time in games, I'm pretty sure there must be a better way of doing it.
Is there at least a way to turn this feature off? Once properly set, I really don't need IG:W to detect supported resolutions every single time.

The second problem is even more problematic for me, since it still keeps me from enjoying the game properly. But I do realize it's kind of a luxury problem:

In the long time while waiting for the update I had to buy new hardware. My current setup uses Lucid Virtu in an iGPU setup, i.e. my monitors are connected to the Intel HD 3000 iGPU of my Core i5-2400 while games and more demanding applications are rendered through the Geforce 250 GTS dGPU.
This is working perfectly fine for 80+ games that I tried it on, with two exceptions: Iron Grip:Warlord and BIT.TRIP RUNNER.
No matter what I do, I simply can't get Virtu to render these games through the dGPU, performance is therefore pretty bad and even the old graphics of IG:W are too taxing for the GPU on the i5-2400.

I understand that Virtu is new and not very mature technology, I'm less complaining and more curious what may actually cause this odd behavior.
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Hey Freibooter.
We'll have to wait a bit to get an answer from cyrri that codes the game... can't help a lot on the tech side.
Have you tried deleting local content and reinstalling?
You shouldn't be getting the flashing / flickering upon launching the game for lots of seconds.
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Gathering the supported resolutions is not related to the flickering... we don't do it by trying to set all kinds of resolutions, one after the other

The flickering is due to the game having trouble setting the specified video mode. Your excessive flickering may be related to Virtu or the dual screen setup.
It cannot be turned off, but is something that we plan to improve for the next patch. Your setup seems to be a tough ordeal, so if you'd like to be involved in testing, PM me your email address. Do you have health insurance btw?

About the second issue, I don't think we can throw much time at that, because it effects only you and might still be caused by Virtu, even if it's unlikely. Maybe your iGPU would suffice if you run the game with lower settings. As you said, it's old graphics anyway
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Thanks for the quick reply!

I'm really happy that you guys are finally talking to us again, please keep it that way.

It looks like the game is testing all kind of resolutions and since this is a set-up with two monitors of different sizes resolutions it's taking it a while - at least that's what I assume.

Virtu support would be nice, but I understand that you guys may not even be able to test it and I guess I have to somehow deal with that for the time being. I really don't understand why it doesn't work ...
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Ha, I got sniped there. Thanks for that even better reply.

Yeah, I realize my setup is a bit of an "early adopter" one and certainly not the most common (yet). Never thought I'd be in that position, but my old, compatible and slow as hell PC died on me after 5 good years together.

Since I'm from Europe I do have pretty affordable health insurance, so I'd be up for some painful testing.

PMed you my e-mail.
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