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Question Stuck on the 2nd day due to key malfunction

Hi guys!
I am currently stuck on the 2nd day of this game. In my sub the only keys that are working are the C (change the camera view) and the N (toogle cockpit view). The assistant tells me to release the camera system using the K key. After I have done that tells me to press the V key but nothing seems to happen. I am only able to change the camera and the cockpit view as I said. Any clues on what I shall do? I have tried already to remap the keys with different ones. No good. Any suggestions?

Thanks a loto for your help!!!
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DC Shoemaker
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Sounds like a key mapping problem, not very different from my first play of the game. Go into the main menu, either at start-up or by pressing ESC when in the game, go to SETTINGS, then CONTROLS, then KEYBOARD. Use the mouse to choose each key in turn by clicking on the key you want to change, and press the key you want to use instead. Be cautious: you will still have to press the key called for in any tutorial or test to be able to get past that part, so if you reassign the V key, you'll still have to press V to go on to the next function test.
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Thanks my dear friend for your reply. I have tried already to reassign the keys by selecting a new set of keys by using the empty column available on the right hand side. I havent though changed any default keys(X, Y, V, etc). I will try this time to change the default keys.
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Update info. I have just tried to reassign all the keys to new ones. No good. I have tried to keep the V key on its initial position. No good again. I keep pressing V all the time but no reaction. A reistall of the game is it possible to be helpful?
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DC Shoemaker
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Stuck on the Titanic

A re-load is always a good idea, either from the disk or by verifying the game files if you're on Steam. I'm assuming your computer is fully functional, has DirectX 9 installed, no faulty or stuck keys. The fact that you're OK until the second dive suggests that it's the game, not the computer.

Here are my notes from a game review; I hope you can find something useful. I think it's worth the effort.

“Dive to the Titanic” Notes

Watch the sea-bottom to stay oriented. To locate Titanic, stay parallel to the seabed, ping, wait 2-3 seconds. If no echo, turn a few degrees and ping again. When you start the first dive, the wreck lies NNE.
Dock the camera system to Nephron (K key) before surfacing, except on the last dive.
Abort a dialog sequences with the left mouse button.
Use the mouse when in either claw camera view mode to look around.
Use the ESC key to call up the menu and to pause the game while you think.
After you get the White Star bowl with the ROV, return to the sub, drop it and return to get the watch. Approach at a fairly steep angle to get the arm in the right position or you’ll just push the bowl around.
When you re-map the keyboard, select APPLY before you leave the menu, or your changes will not take place. Similarly, when you save a game, press ENTER before you leave the menu, or the game will not be saved.
There are two kinds of rusticles, darker thin ones descending from above, and heavier pale grey-green ones both above and below. You can drive the ROV through the former, but not the latter.

File locations: For the Steam version installed in Win 7 the configuration files are in C:\Users\Your_Name\Local Settings (where Your_Name is your Windows account name); these can be manually edited. input.cfg file contains the keyboard mappings, and variables.cfg contains screen display details. These files are altered during installation and in the setup screens. Make a backup if you plan to change them; you may have to re-install the game if you make a mistake and can’t remember the initial settings. The F12 key takes screenshots, saved as .TGA files in the /Steam/steamapps/ common/dive to the titanic folder. Game save files are in MyDocuments/Dive to the Titanic.

You do not get access to the “official” free roam scenario until you successfully complete all five dives and the end-game, but you may, of course, freely explore as much as you wish at any point. Sometimes you’ll have no choice as it’s easy to get lost in or around the wreck. There’s a lot to see, even though you’re restricted to the bow section, and there’s nothing below E Deck. Sadly, as mentioned, the game is tightly scripted: you must reach the objectives in the order specified to advance from one dive to the next, so if you stumble on Captain Smith’s bathtub before you find the radio call-sign wall plaque, it won’t count. Just make a note of where you find things and go back and do it again. Not only must you visit the objectives in order, you must also take the photos when prompted, or they won’t count. The pictures you take are in a (possibly modified) Corel Draw .tex format, which are only viewable from within the game; press TAB during a dive to see what pictures you have.

Walkthrough (assembled from various sources):
Day 1: Follow instructions to learn the controls, then find the wreck. Move slowly in a circle and pings every few seconds. If you point in the right direction you will hear an echo return in a few seconds. It takes time for the echo to come back, so if you are turning, turn slowly. The wreck lies generally NNE. Drive forwards and keep pinging. Keep the ocean floor just in sight. At some point, your sub may be spun around by the currents. Once that's over, ping again to find the Titanic. You will then be told to drop four transponder buoys. Your top-side assistant should call out directions, but it’s easy to miss the location, which can lead to you having to go backwards and forwards to try to hit it. . At the Easy Level, watch for the grey cube visual cues. The location looks like a blue shadow of a buoy; drive into it and the buoy will automatically drop. The first one is S, then E, then N, then W. Go round the wreck, not up and over it. When done, just point the submarine upwards and go.

Day 2: You will use the new camera in the mission. You can do this immediately, but you may find the camera starts to move out of range. When this happens it stops sending a color signal. You might move Nephron a little N before you disconnect the ROV. Remember where you parked; one good place is the crow's nest. Again, at the Easy Level you’ll get a cue for the return to the sub.

The dive starts on the starboard side near the bow. Disconnect the camera, switch control to it and head North. You can move up a bit, but keep the deck in sight. You should find a fallen mast. Follow it to the crow's nest and take a picture. (Only take pictures when you see the flashing P cue. Follow the mast further to where it has hit the top deck. Go round the obstacles to the right. You should find yourself with the top deck, with windows on your left side. Follow these North until you’re told to go west. There should be a door on the left. Go through it, then right into the radio room. If your view has turned black and white, you are too far from Nephron. Switch controls to it and move it closer, then switch back. Photograph the plate on the north wall, then head back out.

To find the captain’s cabin and his bathtub, go W over the top of the ship to the starboard side and back down level with the top row of windows on the same deck as the radio room. Head S a bit. Near the end of this deck the wall has bent away from the ship a bit. Go through one of the windows here. (Near the fifth window back.) The captain's bathtub is in a side room. Photograph it and head back out.

Head W and go off the side of the ship and down one level. Go back in through a window to a corridor. You’re cued to take a picture here or at a nearby staircase for some reason. The desk is in one of the rooms off this corridor. Photograph it and head back out. You can return to the sub now, but if you want more photographs, you can go back to the top of the ship and head north. Look for a big square opening below you. This is the main stairwell. Go down it and photograph a chandelier if you have enough film. If you moved the sub to the crow's nest, it lies to the SE. Retrieve the camera (press K when close in front) and head to the surface. You must pass through about 3,720m to count as surfaced.

At the end of each retrieval/photographic mission, there is an auction, then you buy equipment with the money from the sales, often less than the valuation. You must buy the two sets of claws. If you have more money, probably the best thing to buy is more/better batteries and/or lights.
Day 3: Play with the arm as instructed, then head NNW up and over some metal debris towards the square opening in the deck, the forward Grand Staircase. Park the sub. Top-side wants you to take the camera down the staircase to C Deck. There are two routes. If you take the simpler route, don’t forget a picture of a chandelier somewhere along the way.

The interesting route: Go down the staircase to C Deck. (Press M to see what deck you are on.) You can photograph any chandeliers you have not photographed before. Head W out of the stairway and then south. Take a corridor on the left past lots of very small rooms. Near the end of the corridor, turn south and go down to the end. The right room is near the end, but you have to fiddle around to find a way through. I ended up going out of a round window and back in to the next one; there may be a more direct way.

The simple route: Ignore the staircase and head S. Go off the edge of the deck and down to the circular ports as you look forward (S.) The room you want is the second port from the right (S.) The plate is clearly visible on the floor. You might photograph the shelves. Picking up the plate just requires you get the arm in roughly the right place, open the claw and close it again. You can push it around a bit if you need to. You may need to maneuver into the right position. If you accidentally open the claw you’ll drop the plate.

You’ll be told to head for the watch, but you have to drop off the plate first. Top-side instructions are useless for this stage; ignore them. Head out the window, go up then N over the scrap heap to the sub, then dock and undock the camera to get rid of the plate.

With no guide, the only way to get the watch is know where you have to go. Head E off the side of the ship and down. B Deck is the lowest deck with square windows. Head N and in through a window to a corridor. Ismay's room is W of this corridor. The watch is clearly visible on a desk. Get it and head back out, go up and SW to the sub and dock. Move N and down off the end of the ship. You’ll be lead in circles again. If top-side keeps changing direction, slow down and use the external view. You are looking for an intact white pot on the ocean floor near a pile of debris. Grab it with the big arm, just like using the camera's arm. You have to be pointing down quite steeply to reach it. When you have it, head upwards to end the mission.

More equipment; as before, go for power and light.

Day 4 begins on the starboard side facing S. Park near the forward staircase. Take the camera down to E Deck. Head north from the staircase, immediately turn W then S. Head down a long corridor, and at the end go left (E) then right (S) immediately. Keep going until the corridor seems to be partially blocked by rusticles. You might get through, but there’s another way: take the door, not a corridor, on the left just before the blockage. There is another door in the south wall. Go through three more doors S until you can go no further. The final door is a bit hidden behind some shelves. Turn around and you will see that there is a door to the left of the one you just came through. Go through it and left into the cargo area. Photograph the Renault car and retrace your steps if you can remember them.

Go back up to D Deck. There are more chandeliers to photograph. Somewhere around here is a coffin-shaped cabinet, much more intact than the others. It was photographable and worth more than anything else. Probably on D Deck but possibly E.

From the stairway head E, then S, then E then S, continuing S. At the end, turn W then squeeze over the top of a bookcase. Head S and take the next E corridor. You will see the goblet on the floor in a room to your left. Take it and work your way back.

More equipment: Perhaps try for better stabilization for Nephron; it might help with Day 5’s currents.

Day 5: Head N and follow the mast when you see it. Near its end you’ll see a blue rectangle. Use the grabber to move the plaque to approximately the right place and let go. Great precision is not needed. You should probably save the game as soon as you can, because the sub will be caught in a current and you’re snagged by a bit of wreckage (see the intro.mov); panic reigns top-side. Press the I key to let them know you are OK. When you get trapped, send out the ROV and position it perpendicular to the front left of the sub. You’re caught on some wires. Use the ROV arm to grab the with and pull it away from the sub by reversing the drive. Switch to the sub (leave the ROV behind) and head upwards. Save at this point. The power will fail; more panic, then you get to the end-game. As the sub takes on water, losing first power then oxygen, you must restore the battery by pressing ENTER at the correct rate, about two to three times a second. Watch the bar; it changes color and moves to the right in response to your keying; when it’s all the way to the right, the game is over. After the closing credits, you’re returned to the main menu and you can use the sub, the ROV and the cameras to explore wherever you want in the free-explore mode.

Unlike some, I found the game interesting, a challenge, a great value and highly recommended. Be advised, it takes work and time; I spent about four hours just at the Easy Level, but the free roam mode is worth the effort. There is a lot to see.

The Steam forum is at http://forums.steampowered.com/forum...lay.php?f=1056. You may wish to search for other forum entry points, as you can easily end up in a language other than English. Steam forums, especially this one, often closely resemble the Agony Columns of which Sherlock Holmes was so fond: "Dear me! What a chorus of groans, cries, and bleatings!” This seems not to be the game many were expecting.

Other Forums:

See http://store.steampowered.com/app/65200 for game specifications, and http://www.excalibur-publishing.co.uk/titanic.htm for one of the best game walkthroughs on which some of these note are based. Excalibur also sells the game on DVD for those not wishing to purchase through Steam.
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