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can't use controller

Does this game not support Logitech controllers? The game doesn't react to any input from the controller except for the d-pad on the main menu, and it doesn't respond to any input when I try to remap the buttons.
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After having the same problem with other games I had to suck it up and buy an Xbox pad. Yes, it's bad that they're the only pads to have full support but I recommend you do the same (it works fine for Recettear, btw).
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The game supports my non-360 controller, unlike most other games. No idea what's the problem.
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Logitech F710 Wireless workin' fine here.
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I'm guessing that only XInput is supported, and your controller is using the older standard, DirectInput.

As other have said, just suck it up and buy an xbox pad. I would also suggest getting the wireless version, because you get a standard xbox pad and a wireless dongle which can support up to 4 xbox controllers. Which is very nice for games with local multiplayer. You'll also eventually get used to the ty dpad ... more or less.
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You could always try Joy2Key or Xpadder and remap the keyboard keys to the gamepad.

For me I'm playing with a PS2 gamepad that is going through a gamepad converter.

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goku, what brand/model/make of controller are you using, out of curiosity? We've tested a number of controllers with Recettear and they all worked perfectly, including (afaik) DirectInput controllers.

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I have an old Logitech Rumblepad 2 and I use the profiler software to map the buttons to the z, x, c, escape, and arrow keys to play Recettear, and it works great!

The newer Logitech Gamepads "F310", "F510", and "F710" all have a switch that changes the gamepad from X-Input mode to DirectInput mode for wider compatibility. They also include the same profiler software.

I don't want to sound like a salesman, but they are nice gamepads. I have owned my Rumblepad for almost 10 years now? (can't remember - have had it too long)
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