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Bioshock 2: What a trip.

Well I decided to pick up BS2 on sale because I liked the first but didn't like the stability of it. In comparison to the first, BS2 was three times as bad, but I did finally get it to play well enough to get through the campaign tonight.

Before I go on, specs.
Win7 x64 HP. Fresh install for the most part, only been up a month.
850watt Thermaltake PSU.
9850 Phenom
770 Mobo
4850 Radeon
4 gigs of ram
250gig Seagate drive.

When I initially installed the game, I had issues with Live so I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling it, which fixed that issue. Then after that was done, I started the game, it was running beautifully, then I would get to the rivet gun, open the door, then bam, black screen, computer hardlocks. Did it everytime. So I tried dx9 then, and it ran longer, but eventually did the samething, black screen, hardlock.

So then I got to looking around at various forums and found some people with my issue, but no solid fix for it.

I eventually got frustrated enough to call 2k support, and did all their tier 1 support suggestions to no end. This included trying the game in both dx10 and 9 in all the compatibility modes going down to WinXP. Nothing. Running as admin. Nothing. He then told me, well it sounds like it could be a PSU problem. I immediately shot him down and said, "Yeah its definitely that, because its only BS2 that does this." Every other game I own either runs perfectly fine, or has the usual bugs that don't equate to being game breaking to the point where my computer locks up for whatever reason.

Anyways, he also gave me some links to some .net updates and runtimes which I already had except for one of the runtimes they listed. Needless to say this didn't help either, but here are the links anyways for whomever else.






So after doing all this over the course of a couple days and finding no solution with the tier 1 guys, he escalated my ticket on Sunday, and I have yet to hear back from the tier 2 guys as of this writing.

So what did I do to get it running well enough to get through the campaign? It was completely dumb luck. Was sitting at my pc bored to tears and decided to just try windowed mode. Low and behold it was working! Other then the fact I hate running games in a window it was working at this point and I was happy enough.

Then we get to Fontaine futuristics. I was probably 75% of the way through that level and it started doing the samething it was before. So I tried dx9 in windowed mode, and it worked fine for the rest of the game.

I love love love the bioshock series, but I pray they do a better job with infinite. Never, have I had to troubleshoot games like the bioshock series, just to enjoy them.

So in closing, a warning, and possibly a blessing to someone who is having troubles.
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