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"Big in Portland" scenario.

Greetings Drivers.

Though I normally make my projects to work with Default RailWorks stuff, a little while ago some of you expressed an interest to have more scenarios that make use of the "Big Boy" trainset addon.

I thought the Portland Terminal route might be a nice little route to try it on (as it's being a North American style route, and the Boy Boy looks great rolling through town along main-street too), plus where it seems several of the scenarios that come with that route are "buggy" and also all mainly freight & shunting type activities, so I thought I'd offer something a little differnt.

So, I've made up a nice little freeware Passenger Run scenario, which requires the Big Boy addon:
And the Portland Terminal route:

You can download my scenario from the following page at my site:

After downloading the file to your computer, Un-zip it, then launch RailWorks and from the launcher window click on the "Package Manager" tab, click on the "Install" button there, then navigate to the un-zipped file and select the "Big_in_Portland_scenario_v1_0.rwp" file to install.

After installing, you might also click on the "Tools & Docs" tab and use the "Clear Cache" button there to help ensure that the newly installed scenario will work properly with RailWorks.

Start RailWorks, then from the "Drive by Route" list select the "Portland Terminal" route, and from the Scenario list on the Standard Scenarios tab, you should find the "Big in Portland -v1.0" scenario listed there that you can select and play.

This is a fairly easy Passenger-Run scenario. Follow the instructions and the tasks list. Duration is approximately 30 minutes to complete.

I didn't include any AI trains on this scenario for a couple of reasons. One because this route is mainly a single-track line going through the majority of this route and for the Player's Train path to remain clear I didn't bother adding AI trains. This will also avoid conflicts, and as this route can already be a bit "choppy" in parts performance-wise, I thought adding AI trains could also farther hurt performance too.

You could consider this scenario as an open Public-Beta version of sorts. I've tested it through myself with success and without encountering any problems.
But, if anyone encounters any problems, please give details.
Feedback welcome.

Though it's a fairly straight-forward scenario, I think it still turned out well for what it is and hopefully some of you will enjoy it too.

Cheers! ---Don.

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