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Thumbs up Zen Bound 2 Review

Just my thoughts on the game.


Thanks for checking it out and feedback is welcome.
(Don't forget to give the game a rating so others
will know what the general opinion is.)
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Coraline Jones
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I have a serious question, and this is for anybody that owns this game already.

I know that Zen Bound 2 is supposed to be a relaxing and casual experience, but at the same time it seems pretty apparent that the game must be so hard that you have to be a Nobel Laureate to actually "beat" the game, presuming that the ultimate win condition is to get to 100% on all objects.

I guess my question is: Wouldn't that drive you crazy after a time, and therefore the opposite of a casual and relaxing experience? I mean, I understand some games can be challenging, but don't you get a little OCD after a time and want to get all the flowers or 100% on everything? Or does this not happen?

Maybe it's just me, because I am still playing Defense Grid. Defense Grid is a very casual game that only takes a little practice or a few hints to beat the regular story missions. Then the challenge missions open and some are clearly targeted for the pro audience. Even though there's no reward for doing them, I just feel compelled to try the crazy hard scenarios and pull out all my hair trying to beat them.
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I just bought this game yesterday and played through the introduction. If you are somewhat OCD then in my opinion you may ultimately find this one less relaxing and more on the frustrating side. On the other hand if you are able to play such games as "Chime" without worrying about reaching 100% completion of grids on all 3 levels then I'd say give it a go. I hope this helps. Cheers!
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Old 12-21-2010, 02:19 PM   #4
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Ok, it is true that is not 'relaxing' whilst it becomes a real challenge.

But hey, It's the game I play the most since I bought it almost a month ago,
and I feel great playing it (reminds me to Eufloria in that sense), and it's very great.

I've also purchased it as a gift to one of my friends, and I can't stop recommending it.

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Old 02-15-2011, 12:12 PM   #5
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I agree. Not "relaxing" at all. This game, while interesting and beautiful, doesn't belong in the chill-out indie category that includes Osmos and Eufloria.

There is never a moment in Zen Bound where you can sit back and enjoy the atmosphere while your work pays off. Either you're playing (winding stuff up, or studying how to wind stuff up), or you're not.

Not trying to rank this game compared to the other two mentioned; each has its ups and downs. But I was more frustrated than relaxed by Zen Bound.
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Old 07-06-2011, 12:37 AM   #6
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"Casual" doesn't actually mean anything consistent as far as I can tell, it just means they don't think it fits in other game categories. Often that's wrong, Eufloria is a platformer, Defense Grid is strategy.

Aside from Steam's inability to categorize anything properly (look at the "adventure" category for example).

I actually like ZB2, I am a little frustrated that they didn't think about consistency when they ported the movement from touchscreen to mouse - it should be one button, one axis, but instead both buttons operate on both axes, and so the object's movement is unpredictable when transitioning, and the transition varies per model. Luckily there's no timer, but that can me frustrating, especially when the string is behind the model.

The better you are at 3D visualization, the easier it will be. I just started today and I have 100% on the first 10-12 models, but I'm already starting to get annoyed at the controls (inconsistent movement).

The "stickiness" of the string seems to be inconsistent as well, that may have something to do with visibility.
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One really smart thing they did, BTW, was when you "finish" a model at less than 100%, and you go back to do it again, it starts you where you left off. That's good because it's easy to accidentally get hung up on the glowing "finish" pin and there's no cancel feature on that.
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Okay, apparently that restart mode was only during the tutorial. Now I'm kind of mad 'cause it's too easy to catch the pin by accident.

Not very Zen.
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i think the zen aspect lies in that you have to relax and have patience if you wanna play this game good. you can't just wind up something fast but really have to think about it and not rush anything.
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