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Well this is a pretty easy way to do it. A few tips.

1. Your mouse wheel varies the amount of ships you send. The percentage is in the bottom right.

2. To take a planet, you need only send one more ship than the number displayed on the planet. So if you see a planet with a 4, 5 of your ships are required to take it.

If the AI is bombarding you from the start, you've won. I played with only 10 planets for the record. He won't overtake your planet before you can grab the smallest planet on the map. Roll your percentage down to 10% and launch your ships at the lowest count planet. That's usually like a 4 count. Once you have that, you can either reinforce your main planet from your smaller one, or start assimilating. At this point the bot isn't going to switch targets, so roll your percentage up to 100% and either reinforce, or grab the next smallest planet. Technically your ship spawn rate should be identical to your opponents, so he can't take your world using only his. So your early gambit to grab the smallest planet puts you permanently ahead. Just keep grabbing planets without moving any ships from your main and you will be fine.

Also, against the AI that quickly expands, you can often launch say 60% of your forces directly at his main, and if you get lucky with the timing you will own the two largest planets on a 10 planet board. GG
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Thanks OP! +rep

@DarKcom I would but I am at work 11 hours a day using my netbook and with a day left in the event. I need to speed get tickets, so when I get home I can worry about the higher end games or the ones that need real time to do. =)
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Originally Posted by Adahn82 View Post
Sigh, trying this, but just throws me back into the MP screen after a few seconds; I'm using a Galcon account I last used a year ago for this game - did they change some registration thing or something?
This. Can't get into a game at all.
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Thank op, got my ticket
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Thanks, Badeanstalt.
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