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First one was great, but this? jog-on pal.
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just unbelievably bad

although i can't even say that i've gotten to the actual 'game' part yet - the first couple of scenes and pseudo-gameplay are absolutely painful.

the quicktime event-melee scenes are the most confusing I've ever seen, and the mouse / camera control (ie the first person 'look') is the worst ever.

played all of 5 minutes and can't say that I'll ever go back - no thanx...
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I wish i saw this thread before i bought it one day ago, Shellshock 2 is a SHIITTY! game.
i want a refund.
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Originally Posted by acetken View Post
I'm about halfway through the game, and honestly, it's not that bad. I haven't had a single bug. It's not great (Other than the well-done animations), but at best, it's not better than average. About what I expected BEFORE I read the reviews. After the reviews, I expected MUCH worse. Rent it if you absolutely wanna kill a few hours.
+ 1 it's not that terrible sure not great but i still enjoyed it. With a better budget this game could of been a lot better.
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