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Reducing max number of players per server/map

Hello everybody!

I'm a player of DoD since the time of historical 1.3 , 2.0 and then 3.1 version, the before-steam era (remember dod_overlord, dod_zafod, etc?). It's such a great game which I'm never tired of!

Since the migration to DoD:S there's been a trend of increasing the number of players allowed per server (ie. per map).
For example, on servers running Avalanche up to 32 players can connect and play together.
Well, such a big number of players is of course a benefit coming from improvements in the engine, but I think it is not a good idea for "playability"!

Most of the maps simply cannot fit so many players!
32 soldiers moving on Avalanche, Kalt, Donner, or whatever is usually a lot of people moving around and creating a mess. There's no tactic, it's just shoot-em-all!

Yeah I know clans can own there own servers, and can move coordinating by voice etc, but I'm talking about public servers where the level of coordination is less of course, yet fun can be enjoyed:

would you mind reduce the max number of players?

Only maps like Overlord can fit a big number of players. Normal-sized maps are okay with maximum 7-8 players per side (no more than 16 in total); small maps (eg: Avalanche and the like) are just fine with 5 or 6 players per side.
You get an MG, a sniper, 1-2 assault, a support, 1-2 rifles. That's enough for filling maps positions, moving without confusion, being able to walk and play some tactic before facing an enemy. No shoot-em-all, no just-shooting-in-the-mess!

I believe that by reducing the players limit there will be much more fun!

Thanks for attention.

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