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Difficulty and XP information

I searched around online, and what I found is that there isn't a ton of information on this game. There is a manual, and a decent FAQ on gamefaqs.com but there are a lot of details and questions that they don't cover specifically enough for my taste.

Aforementioned FAQ:


Anyhow, I ended up doing some testing of my own, and I found out a few things that I figured might be worth sharing with anyone searching for info.

Difficulty Levels:

The time needed to achieve gold, silver, and bronze victories doesn't seem to change with the difficulty level you select, other than on easy it seems to set the turn limit for Bronze to unlimited. So for example the first mission requires 8/11/16 turn limits on Normal and Hard, and 8/11/U on Easy for gold/silver/bronze.

The reward gold you get at the end of the mission appears to be doubled for Easy difficulty levels, so for example on mission one you would get 150 gold at the end for Normal and Hard, but 300 gold on Easy. Also the gold you find in game, such as 25g for rescuing a town, does not seem to change at all for the difficulty levels. If you get 150 gold for stepping on the ruined tower in a map, you will get 150 gold on all three difficulty levels.


There does not seem to be any sort of multiplier for units gaining experience based on difficulty level, so there isn't a built in +/- 50% example for playing on various difficulties. However the number and level of enemies you face increases with the difficulty level, and hence if you clear them all at higher difficulty levels, then there is more XP to be gained each mission. The counter to this, is it is harder to kill all of the enemies, and you are more likely to lose some of your own units, and fail to get "gold" status for completing the map in few turns.

The success of an attack has no effect at all on how much XP a troop gets for it. If Unit A attacks Enemy B, you will get the same XP every time based on the unit's level and strength VS the enemy level and strength. Do note however that a wounded enemy does give less XP for swinging at then a full strength one, though it doesn't seem to be a "Half dead = Half XP" direct trade off.

So what I've found so far, it seems to make sense to play on the hardest difficulty you can handle for a mission, while not losing any of your troops, clearing all enemy troops, and still attaining silver or gold status. If you can't clear all of the enemy troops, or get all side objectives, then it probably isn't worth doing the map on the harder difficulty. Also if you really need the gold(money), doing the mission on easy will give you double the reward.

Also as far as rewards go, I've found that so far (I've only played a few missions) it seems like in most cases "Silver" is almost as good as "Gold" for completion. You always get the reward money, and typically if there is an artifact you will get it at silver. The only additional reward you typically get for gold is a free unit added to your army. If you already have enough units, or you can afford to buy them, you really don't need to win them from every map, making "Silver" perfectly acceptable.

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This is an old thread but I just wanted to thank you for gathering the information and even more sharing it with us.
I will start the game the next days sometime and it is nice to have that information beforehand.
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Thanks. Very useful information.
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