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Samurai Knight
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Originally Posted by Krazk View Post
The Flamer
Height: 6'3 ft.
Speed: Hunter level
Health: 375
Appearance: A female infected similar to the Spitter. Like the Spitter the neck is long and burnt along with the lower jaw. However, the Flamer lacks a bloated stomach and in fact looks stronger and more physically fit. Jaws are also not gaping and sagging open uselessly the jaws are also filled with sharp teeth, the lower jaw being larger, longer, burnt, and more reptilian in appearance. The claws are also shaped more like a Hunter's than a Spitter's, the Flamer also still has a nose. Hair is not in pigtails and is half neck length, the tips of the hairs dyed a fading pink. Wears a white T-shirt with a strange triangle symbol, blue cargo shorts, black fingerless gloves, and muddy white running shoes.
Sounds: Recycled Antlion Guard sounds from Half Life 2, but at a higher pitch.


Primary-Fire breath of 5-25 damage per .5 second. Damage determined by distance (30 ft fire range, 6 ft. spread), lowest being farthest away from the fire, highest being closest to fire and Flamer. Keeps breathing fire for 14 sec. and aims by moving and turning head/camera. 14 sec. cooldown(after being done breathing fire).

Secondary-Claw attack of 10 damage every 1 sec.

Note: Nothing can disrupt the Flamer's fire breath except death, shoving/stunning is not possible.
Lol. I hadn't found this thread until today. A lot of the ideas here are great, I especially like the Crawler's abilities to climb on ceilings and walls, it would add an interesting dynamic to gameplay. I posted an idea for a new Boss Infected (or utility infected) in the Left 4 Dead 2 XBox forum called the Dragon on the 5th of July. (See: http://forums.steampowered.com/forum....php?t=1975657) Now I come here to find that someone had beaten me to the punch. Oh well. Great minds think alike I guess.
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