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Lightbulb R_M's Guide to Getting Cheap Months [I20.5]

So you've just bought Going Rogue when it was on sale, to prepare for the free-to-play days, but you'd like to be able to eke out your paid time until that free play period starts? Or perhaps you'd just like to extend your paid time as long as possible so you can enjoy all the bennies as long as you can as cheaply as you can?

I got ya covered.

If you just got into the game with "Going Rogue", there are several older box sets of the game you could order new from Amazon for $5 or less, plus shipping, each of which contains a free month of play (and, hence, $5 worth of Paragon Points). Some of them also contain some very nifty and useful bonus powers to apply to every character on your account. Except for the very first CoH set, which can only be used to start a new account, you can apply each box once to any account that has not already had them applied. You can scoop up 4 or 5 months for about half price, and get some nifty bonuses (such as the $10 Cyborg or Magic Booster Pack, included free with the $5 Architect Edition) as part of the bargain.

Or perhaps you'd like to get a friend into the game, or try it yourself, but you missed out on the sale and don't fancy paying $30 for Going Rogue's full retail price? For $1.11 plus shipping you can get the original City of Heroes game disk. It can't be applied to any pre-existing account, but for people just starting out it includes a free month and everything except Going Rogue. City of Heroes, City of Villains, Architect Entertainment, etc. etc. yatta yatta.

See the link above for details.
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