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Originally Posted by unbuzzedbee View Post
Great success! I was absolutely convinced I had the current drivers for my ATI HD 4870 - oops. Turns out I didn't, and a simple update to the video drivers has completely stabilized the game. I'm running at 1440x900 with all options turned to high without a problem.
I guess my advice then is just to check your drivers, like the troubleshooting FAQ says, even if you're convinced you're up to date. Maybe you'll be lucky too.
Interesting because maybe that's why I'm fine too. I started playing civ 5 with Catalyst 10.9, with all these crashes. After that I tried 3 Catalyst versions (10.4, 10.6, 10.8) and no success.

Then when I tried Ati Tray Tools I also re-installed 10.9. Now I can't say if it's a driver or ATT's merit.
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Hey men.This post is my first one on steam forum.After following a set of tweaks in this tread I have played in windowed mode for 2 hours before freeze.Now i gonna completly remove and clean catalyst,then install v.10.11 and test again.
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Originally Posted by PsychoPanda View Post
Same... using dx10/11.... 8800 GTS.
...completely... same... here...
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Well here is a wrench in your guys perfect machines :P Tri-Sli 570's (no OC) Crashes randomly....
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