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TOO HARD?! Yeah stopdeny this and accept

Yeah i know it's supposed to be a puzzle action game BUT at least give us a chance.

Stop deny it's ok... i'm not the only one who's complain.

ANY games , any kind of game need to be user-friendly at least for the 1-2 first levels.

This game is unbalanced. I've almost died at the 2-3 first levels (if you don't include the retry). And some levels after were just too easy.

The game need a little balance update. The casual level difficulty is too hard even at first level. You must admit, any games should be user friendly for the 2-3 first levels at least.

This game totally worth the price i've paid for, but if you want me to buy you next games you will releave, i except a more user friendly game AND EVEN Critrical mass update for this problem.

I could eb an happy customer for your next game, butthe fact you deny the difficulty at beginning make me sad, if you try to be more respected by the community you shopud listen us, i mean not redone all your game but just modify a little the diffuculty...
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Aqua Snake
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IMO the names for the difficulties should be altered.

I think casual should be normal, normal should be hard, and the last difficulty can be named something else.

A new casual can be the easier difficulty.

That way, the leaderboards won't be compromised (Simply change the name).

I was stuck on level 3 on normal for nearly an hour.

I'm not really complaining about the difficulty. I actually like difficult games (Ninja Gaiden, Super Meat Boy, etc.) but I definately can understand why others would see it to be fustrating.
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Its all about placing the blocks strategically that will benefit you the most. Yes its fast paced but take your time and think about the best place to put the blocks. I am currently on Level 6 right now and only died a couple times.
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