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OK- I changed the email address associated with my Steam account and for some reason I wasn't getting ticklers when this thread was updated. At any rate- some follow-ups (in no particular order):

Music. This should play and I can't reproduce it not playing. If you email forkbomb@whiletruefork.com we can try and sort it out- I would guess this is a driver issue except that it seems to work in the game lobby? Interesting.

Tutorial arrows- I think this one has already been fixed. If not- again, email us at forkbomb@whiletruefork.coma and we'll sort it out.

Mac fullscreen: Nice to see another mac user on board! We're using the Unity engine which means we play the fullscreen they want to play. Based on your S thing, it sounds like Unity and Growl may be fighting for screen focus- I haven't seen that happen but I get growl notices *very* infrequently. For now the best suggestion may be to run it in the highest resolution but not in full screen. What I will try to do for the next patch is include the Mac standby option-enter as a hotkey to switch from fullscreen to windowed mode.

Race cube- not a bug, just too difficult. I toned them down.

Fun on a cube- Sometimes you need to let the bosses through. You can't beat every level with zero losses- that's why the scores are percentiles of "estimated" points.
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