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2 hours into it. Some initial thoughts...

Let me start off by saying that I've never been a huge fan of RPGs. Not that I dislike them, they just don't tend to be my cup of tea.
When I saw the trailer for EYE, I thought to myself: Well, give it another shot, since there seems to be a decent FPS element to it.

One of the major things that struck me from the start is a deep sense of confusion. At the start you walk through some sort of illuminated gate and find yourself doing some climbing exercises in a cave, with the makeshift tutorial making itself known quite often. The tutorial consists of more than 20 short videos, that are displayed in the in-game menu at a low resolution, only giving you a vague idea of what you are meant to be doing, leaving further explanation to trial and error by the player. The in-game menu lacks a certain polish, as the font is quite small and certain functions, like the hacking toolset are not properly explained. As you progress you find your way to an armory where you can equip yourself with a set of weapons and armor your perk allows you to carry. I strongly recommend to get a Sniper Rifle here. Shortly afterwards the shooting starts.

Anyone who played Half-Life 2 or CS:S should find the gun-handling familiar, indeed the guns do have that right feel to them.

The game is certainly not the prettiest out there but considering it's an Indie production by ten people, I can only say "Well done". It does succeed in creating a certain cyber-punk atmosphere, that is captivating, although the feeling of an ambitious Indie project never quite leaves you.
Zooming makes everything look somewhat murky and distorted but the game remains playable. Far away textures look equally murky and remind me a bit of the reason for including fog in Silent Hill (Yeah, all those years ago).

The audio is probably the greatest let-down of the game. Yeah, it's been low budget and all but talking to your quest-givers by merely performing a reading exercise is as enjoyable, as reading the Daily Mirror's column on Healthy Living. There is just no sense of adventure created by it, nor does it help to intensify the story or general involvement by the player. The shooting effects are acceptable, but don't exactly re-define the gaming industry. There is a very noted lack of music and general sound-effects that really makes it difficult to appreciate the game, the way it's meant to.

I'm still in the process of determining what on God's green Earth I'm doing. Apparently I'm shooting thugs and Federation soldiers and change my allegiances every hour or so, depending on who my new mentor wishes to be. After the first mission you can make your way to the archives, but that's only of interest, if you wish to read a lot. There are Parties A, B, C and Subparties Ab, Ba, Bn, Ca and so on. A very laborious and not exactly exciting way of involving yourself in a story.

According to the store page, everything you do online affects your Single Player character and vice versa. There are only a few servers online at the moment and I havn't found one with a latency of below 80, making the MP unplayable for me due to lagging (and I do have a 30MB line). So I can't say anything about that. There should be more servers up and running in the weeks to come, though.

General enjoyment/Consensus:
Although I probably sounded quite negative above, I still play EYE and I have a feeling that I will spend many hours on it. It's not a looker, the sound is sub par but it offers a certain cyberpunk factor to it that somewhat captivates me. The gameplay is typical Source Engine on the whole.
You will often access your character menu to activate cyber-implants and so on. The shooting is highly enjoyable and you constantly try to understand what's going on and whether your allegiance is well placed.

One of the major problems I have with this game is the saving. There is no Quick Save and your progress seems to be determined by completed missions. When you die, you respawn exactly where you died, being revived by one of seven resurrectors. So if you die surrounded by enemies, you are likely to witness history repeating itself.

All in all I find the game quite refreshing but I am never able to forget that it's an ambitious Indie title, that feels intersting but lacks a certain WOW!-factor. I will keep playing it but don't expect a polished and shiny AAA title. It is reasonably well priced at the moment, so if you are curious you might be very positively surprised or have a feeling of "Seen it, done it". If you are undecided about the purchase, wait for some professional critics to pour over it.

Just sharing my thoughts, any feedback would be appreciated!

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