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Civ 5 - Cannot verify integrity of cache.

I've had some issues with a game I was playing crashing, then I could no longer load any save games from it as I would get a Direct X runtime error. I can start new games and load save games not related to that particular one without any issue.

Searching online, I found some possible fixes. Made sure my DirectX and graphics drivers were up to date, but at the end I still couldn't reload the save. I attempted to verify the integrity of the game cache, and received the following:

"1 Files failed to validate and will be re-acquired", then it downloads a 22.7mb file.

However, when I tried to verify again, it gave the same message every time. I uninstalled the game and redownloaded it, and out of curiosity attempted to verify the cache again and got the exact same message.

Any idea what might be missing and why it is not successfully being validated or re-acquired, even after a fresh install? I don't know that it's directly related to the issue I had, but this seems curious.
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that 1 file is normal

mayby your save of that game went corrupt due to the crash

i once had a crashing issue on a save game that i fixed by deleting the


if you play in dx 9 delete that 1 too
you could try that
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