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ufo aftermath / ufo aftershock come?

when will rest off UFO aftermath series come to steam as other 2 off games is really the beginning of the story i already have CD of it but i will be willing to buy it on steam to add it to easy games list i have

sorry for bad English
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I have no idea as to if they will come to steam, however if you've played Afterlight first, you may be a little disappointed in the other games. The serie was improved at each game. For example, in Aftermath there isn't even a resource control or base construction. I have played them all and Afterlight was the best in terms of both tactical and strategic gameplay. So, if you go back in the series, be prepared for it.

Don't get me wrong though, they are good games with effort put into them.
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Hey Aftershock the second was pretty damn good, there are things about that that i prefferd to Afterlight
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If the UFO Trilogy was on Steam, I'd buy that. Since it's now, much as I loathe physical media (I have one DVD drive between 4 machines) I'll probably bypass Steam and get the retail-box Trilogy.
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They're all available at gog.com right now. In fact aftermath is only 1.80 on sale right now too.
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Are these ever going to hit Steam?
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