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Why is my game glitching during the second mission?

Fought the worms first, did a decent job there, replayed a few times to get the hang of swinging around a mace. I start the next level and the person I'm supposed to escort crashes during the cutscene. And again. And again. It took me, no exaggeration, 9 different attempts before he got to finish his dialog, and he still died during it so I had to restart anyway, but at least I was past the cutscene. I tried skipping through it with mouse clicks, and I tried leaving the mouse perfectly still, not moving or clicking it, it didn't effect the scenes. I actually got through the first part of the fight against the bees, but he still keeps randomly crashing and exploding. There have been times, numerous times, where I restart the mission, it shows the title screen and the guy talking, and as it loads the level the chief already has crashed and died before I could even move.

I've seen people play online, and the worm-blimp thing flies normally. In my game, it's constantly spasming against itself, the worm and the basket, and this causes it to be hitting itself and slowly killing it's life, so whether I'm keeping bees off it or not, he kills himself. I tried reinstalling the game and it didn't change anything. Are there any bug patches or anything I can download to fix this? I like the game, but if it's stopping me from playing the second level...
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